My Night Fight

I awoke around 2a.m. It took me all of 5 seconds to realize that I could'nt move. I was being attacked! It felt as if someone were clawing at me, pulling at my clothing; It felt as if somone was tryiing to rape me!
I fought with all my might, , my arms were bound to my sides and my legs were tied as well. As I struggled, I could feel my body  flopping around like I fish trying to break free from my restrictions.
I tried to scream, but the very air was being taken from cheast. All  that came out were a few noises that sounded like small peeps.
I begain to panic, it may sound hard to believe but  I called on Jesus, and he heard me!
I quickly gained consciousness and control of my body. I opended my eyes to see a presences of something  RUN out of my room door. If i didnt sleep with my hall light on I might not have seen anything.
* wanted to add that the spirit or what ever it may have been seemmed more mischievous than evil*
Enigma7 Enigma7
22-25, F
May 18, 2012