Frequent And Relentless

 It started a little over a year ago and has not stopped since. its scary and the hallucinations are terrifing. It happens when I just lay down, at this point many times I can some times sence it coming on. Noises get louder or magnified (which might be a ticking of a clock ect )Then I get this overwhelming heaviness and if my eyes are open its like they are forced closed, the severe vibrations start immediately, some times my toes feel like they point. I can hear evrything going on around me, I am fully aware of what is happening, but I can't move, speak,scream, If I know someone is near by I try and breath loudly to get help which has worked once and I was shaken awake ( thanks mom :-) I was visiting her and since this has started I don't sleep alone if i can help it )  I’m usually paniced and fighting it and trying to come out of it, fighting to open my eyes. I have horrible hallucinations with it, like a hand coming up between the head board and the mattress and rubbing my face or something comming from the side of the mattress and trying to pull me under, or the first time it happend I had my eyes open at first and I saw a figure over top of me and then it felt like whatever it was forced my eyes shut and then the vibrations started. This happens to me frequently and I fight it and fight it… some times I can get my eyes open and just when i think im gunna pull out and the vibrations are letting up my eyes will shut again and i fall back in harder then hell and my head will vibrate so hard it pounds when i finally come out. I think i clench my jaw too, because my jaw hurts after some intence spells. I wont sleep in the dark anymore, I have to have the T.V. on for back ground noise because it seams to help me not have episodes as much and i can explain how it helps if anyone cares to know. I can now avoid some episodes because i have learned my triggers and i can feel it comming early some times so i will get up, but recently it seams it has found a way to prevail and is now sometimes happening after i have been in bed asleep for awhile.I am thinking it may sneek in durring periods of awakeness that you woulnt normally notice, like when you roll over. When this happens it is very intence and last a very long time. 
               I actually had dreams for a long time prior to this extream that I knew I was dreaming and wanted to wake up.... actually I guess I would be trying to figure out through the dream if I was dreaming or awake.... I would actually dream that I woke up and then realize i wasnt awake, and then be fighting to wake up again all the while Im an active dream and by the time id really wake up I'd be hysterical.... If that makes any sence :-/

I'd also like to say that my initial reaction was that something was doing this to me. I was at a friends and when I came out of it I was very very upset and crying and telling her her house was haunted and something tryed to get me. ... I saw my Dr. the very next day. EEG's did show messed up brain wave while between sleep and awake periods. Also a few times when I have been very relaxed and sleepy I have had experiances where I was laying back in a recliner alone and a voice in my ear said in a whisper "What are ypou doing!" I about jumped out of my seat!!! 

That ia all,

.... Thanks for the site.... that felt good...... some times it makes me feel crazy..... maybe I am ... lol .... or not   

              No really .... THANKS :-)
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I know exactly you're feeling.. It is common for people to have them so its not like your crazy. I'm 20 & i've had them since i was probably 12 or 13... i've been trying to learn more about it.. Since i became more accepting of sleep paralysis i have actually try to control it while it occurs (i know sounds weird). one time i wanted to elevate out of my bed idk know why lol but i wanted to and i actually did! it hasn't happened as much lately son i haven't had the oppurtunity to do so, but i've learned to accept that it's going to happen wether i like it or not so i try to make something out of it.

I had eerincevexactly what you are talking about. I've Been having iit for two months now. Pretty scary.