My Story

i'm 18 and i have had sleep paralysis for a few years now. i think i'm the only person that can move my big toe during sleep paralysis which comes in very handy when i'm at my boyfriends as i put my foot on him and wiggle my toe when i get sp and he'll shake me till i'm fully awake.
i was always curious on how long my sp actually lasted as you'll know it feels like hours when your experiencing it, so last night after having sp once already i asked my boyfriend to time it from when i move my toe once till i wiggle it again, basically seeing how long i can put up with it for. it lasted 13 mins before i couldn't take it anymore and woke up crying.
Then i had it again when my bf wasn't paying attention so i couldn't alert him.
worst one i've had yet. i opened my eyes and hallucinated my doctor leaning next to me asking me what was wrong and i tried to tell him to leave because i couldn't trust him, i remember seeing the clock on the wall and timing it. it was 10minutes of helplessness and fear of an attack and that horrible white noise before my sp turned into the worse yet. my doctor slowly changed into a woman with long dark hair. she was laughing at me whilst swaying her hair on my face, she was telling me my bf didn't care and pointed to him and told me he knew i was having sp but he wants me to get hurt. (the nite hag) the worst thing was that i believed her and i was angry at my bf.
she stared at me as i was trying my best to wake up and close my eyes, it was like they were pinned open. she went quiet and i felt all my muscles tense up as i knew i had to prepare for an attack, the more i tried to move the worse it got. i was scaring myslef but couldn't stop it. she then launched herself at my face and started to choke me. it felt soo real i could feel her finger nails. Eventually my boyfriend noticed as i was gasping loudly for air. he shook me and i had what i can only describe as a small siezure, probably because i was trying to move so much for soo long that when i could it all happened at once.
that was the scariest part, and the rest of the night i had many short bursts of sp that my bf got me out of till i eventually fell asleep. worst sleep ever.
MelissaLeigh MelissaLeigh
Sep 19, 2012