Sleep Paralysis For The First Time

about 45 minutes ago i went through sleep paralysis and i knew i needed to write about it now or i would forget a lot that happened! so heres my story:

So I was just having a normal dream; I was with my boyfriend and him and his friend decided to start smoking (weed.) and they were taking hits i guess my boyfriend ended up taking a big one and when he let it out i think i thought i enhaled it and i started to not be able to control my body and i felt disconnected from my body and it felt heavy like i couldnt move it. (i had a bad experience with weed so it reminded me of that) but anyways everyone was going about like everything was normal except for i think they thought i was sleeping. i would ocassionally hear someone ask if i was okay and i tried to move around or say something but i couldnt. i couldnt even open my eyes but i could hear everyone talking. then all of the sudden we were in my boyfriends house and i was laying on his bed. even though i couldnt see anything i could feel and sense that we were in his room. it felt like i could see it but my eyes were closed. and then i could hear his mom and him talking to eachother. and i still think they thought i was asleep. then i herd his mom ask if i was okay. and then i dont really remember what happened but then i herd my step dads voice asking if i was okay. and i was still trying to move, speak, or open my eyes, but i still couldnt. then i herd him say "she is going through a state of mind" or something like that. he is a doctor so thats why he said that. then i slowly started to realize that i was dreaming and it was kinda already scary since i couldnt move or see anything in my dream so i was trying really hard to wake up and it felt like my body was being weighed down or like my whole body was asleep with the numbness and i was trying to move my legs and body like crazy. then it seemed as if i opened one eye and i was moving it back and forth quickly because i was trying to wake up and it felt like i couldnt wake up. then i tried to start kicking my feet quickly then i started to feel the numbness in my body slowly start to go away then i could finally open my eyes. when i woke up i still felt super sleepy and wanted to fall back asleep but i was afraid if i did i would go back into that. and usually when i have a bad dream i just brush it off because i knew it wasnt real, but this type of a dream was different and it was scary because i felt like i couldnt control my body or wake up at all.

so then i decided to look it up because i figured i probably wasnt the only person in the world who has had a dream like that.
and i came to find sleep palarysis! but there were a lot of descriptions of people feeling a presence in their room or seeing a demon or feeling like theyre being held down or choked. that didnt happen to me, thankfully, but other than that it seemed to fit the description.
i hope it never happens to me again and that i dont see a demon or anything like that!
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3 Responses Nov 1, 2012

Welcome trust me it works I've had sleep paralysis and other sleep issues my whole life so I nap when I can but the sleep paralysis you snap out of with the touch of pet or person

I suffer from this sleep with a pet when no ones around :)

thats a good idea :]

Yeah that used to happen to me when I was younger! so funny you mentioned demons cause I always thought it felt like that, like someone heavy was holding me down! Weirdest thin ever.
(ps heard is spelled with an 'a' :P)