Headless Man...

Wow,, is all I can say about this experience with sleep paralysis. I have experienced it many times when I was younger, and it is starting again. But I would love to know if anyone has had this happen.. Four days ago..
I was lying in bed, when I thought I heard the front door open, heard someone on the stairs,, and entered my bedroom. I was alone, with my dog.. my husband was away and was not expected home for another day. I immediately thought he was home early, and going to surprise me. I felt the bed move, felt a breath on my face, and then a kiss on my neck. I did not know I was having an episode at the time, there was no loud ringing in the ears, no pressure on my chest,, and I did the one thing that is a complete no-no... I opened my eyes. Standing a few feet away, was a man.. he was wearing an old brown wrinkled jacket,, his hands were by his sides,, his fingers were clenching and unclenching.. his head was severed almost completely off, hanging upside down by a piece of skin. I could see the bone on his spine protruding from the top of his shoulders, and it was surrounded by reddish globs of muscle, whatever,,, there was two large gashes across the face.. his mouth was moving like he was talking, but there was no sound. The gashes on his face opened and closed with his mouth. There was no blood... I tried to bolt from the bed, but could not move.. I was frozen. I think my survival instinct kicked in...and I screamed in my mind,, this is not real! I am in sleep paralysis.. !! I closed my eyes and started yelling in my head for someone to help... and knowing that I could not yell out loud, I yelled for anyone deceased to help me.. my mom, my boyfriend who had died.. I yelled for them to come help.. wake me up,, move me,, do something,, but keep that man away,, suddenly someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to a sitting postion. Woosh!! I could hear a quick wooshing sound, and then everything went silent. I put my fingers over my eyes, and peered through them,, the room was silent, and everything was normal. My dog at the foot of the bed, looked up at me and put her head back down to sleep.
Well, that was the end of my sleeping for that night,, I jumped out of bed, got on the couch with the lights on, and the tv on.. and remained awake until daylight.
This experience was so very real, and so terrifying,, that I went to see my doctor.. and yes, I am still sleeping on the couch when I am home alone!!
Would love to hear of anyone who has seen anything like this......
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Yes, I have had episodes of it. I hate it! I had one where I didn't even make it to the bed I got so tired. I lay down on the floor between the door to my apartment and my bedroom. As I lay there I swore I could smell smoke. I opened my eyes and saw flames licking at the door to my apartment, and could feel heat building towards the bottom of my feet.

My mind was screaming, "Get up!" Run, move!" With a racing heart, I struggled to move my arms, legs anything! No sound would pass my throat as I swore there was more and more smoke building up in my apartment. Fighting against the fear and the overwhelming need to sleep, I tried to get my muscles to work but nothing. Minutes passed and I lay there, waiting for the fire to burn me to death, or the smoke to overtake me.

Finally, I realized that too much time had passed and I should be dead, burned up...smoked out...something! Forcing my eyes open, I looked again, and nothing. No smoke, no fire. As my eyes fluttered shut, a chill ran down my spine and I wished I could move to grab a blanket.

Wow,, that must have been so terrifying. Even realizing now that it is not real, as you well know, it still does not make it any easier, because the fear that you will see or experience it again is always with you. I hear there are people who try to induce it, because they want to find out what it is like... well, they can have it!!