My Sp Doesn't Make Any Sense.

It is absoultely terrifying! The horror and fear you feel when you're about to fall asleep or wake up is astronomical, I honestly think I'm going to die. I can't really determine a more terrifying episode of SP. They are all bad!

Just last night, I had the worst bout in a long time. It literally happened 10 or so times in a row, one after the other. I felt as if I was being violently shaken and could hear a rushing noise like TV static or white noise. I could feel my hand being dragged downwardsthrough my mattress, I thought I was being dragged to Hell!

I've had times when I was younger when I couldn't even open my eyes, move a finger, or breathe, it was absolutely terrifying, especially for a young child. I have phases where I can barely open my eyes but they feel heavy, as if I haven't slept for ages and I see shadows or elongated shapes when I'm in an episode of SP.

I heard music and people talking as well, before it turned into that white noise thing again. At one point, it was like I was on the stairs, getting ready to go out with my boyfriend and then suddenly, a look of terror crosses my face (I just knew), my body jerks as if I'm having a fit and I'm back in my bed, paralysed.

Sometimes, I can just move my limbs, but only slightly, it's as if they're tied down with cinder blocks. Sometimes, I've even thought that they're seizures because of the shaking. I try to wake myself up by pinching myself or making a noise but I can't move or speak so I just let it run its course.
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Hey Patronusmagic

Wow that really does sound like a terrifying experience of sleep paralysis! Do you understand the reasons scientists think we experience SP? I am assuming you have read into it, and don't literally think hell is awaiting you, not matter how much it seems like it at the time!
I wrote about SP on my website recently, and interestingly just yesterday someone left a comment explaining their horrible version of SP and said that they has also started to experience Exploding Head Syndrome - basically no explosions and harmless, but accompanied by a very loud or uncomfortable noise. I wonder if what you are describing with the white noise could have a similar root, or if it is just part and parcel of your SP?
I will link both my articles on SP and also EHS for you to check out and see if they give you any comfort or reassurance at all.
Sadly with SP there doesn't seem much we can do other than try to keep it in our minds that nothing bad will actually happen and try to hang onto that thought whenever it happens...

Sleep paralysis article:

Exploding Head Syndrome:

I hope you find something useful in there that might help you:-)

Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out!

I get sleep paralysis aswell but it's never been this bad, last night it happened 3 times. Do you feel pain when you try to move your limbs? It's like your bones are trying to rip through the muscle.

I can't remember feeling pain but I kinda block the eps out. It really sucks doesn't it?

wowwwww that must scare you,,

It does, but I know what is is. There's nothing to be done about it.

This is awful does your sleep paralysis happen when you wake up then try to go back to sleep? Because that's the only times I get sp