Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag Makes An Apperance

I have had SP for many years going back to being teenager (im 49 now). It is characterised by waking and being unable to move anything buy maybe my fot or a finger. I am aware of my surroundings and everything in the room. I try to fight to move but my limbs are like lead weights and I feel like i am wrapped up tightly in a blanket or something. The dread fear is the worst, it is far beyond what you would expect in this situation and I fight to control my breathing but cannot.
There is often the sensation of a presence in the room and i have sometimes caught sight of a shadowy figure and a strong sense of menace.
I have felt hands on me and once was convinced there was an old woman staring at me from the pillow next to my face. I am almost always lying on my side of face down when SP occurs.

Last night I had a terrifying vision of a and old woman, i can still see her face now. She came toward me and with my free hand I was able to open the fingers and push against her forhead as she moved toward me. My arm was paralysed andI had no strength in it. I tried to move but couldnt and tried to make gurgling sounds and could hear myself shouting for help in a slurred voice, not able to move my lips properly.
I was woken by a family member and remained terrified for an hour. i was afraid i might still be dreaming and it took me a while to calm down enough to risk sleeping again.
I know it was only a vision but it was worse than anything I could consciously imagine and more horrific than any movie.
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I used to experience this phenomenon in my mid 20's. It was as you described, a sense of some dark presence hovering over you. I would try to scream out or reach over to my husband lying right next to me, but couldn't. I was afraid to open my eyes. It would pass rather quickly, thank God. It rarely happens now. It has been deemed an actual sleep disorder, but I truly feel it is a spiritual presence. I have experienced the evil and the overwhelming peace also during SP.
So, I do not believe it is a purely demonic presence.
I have never known anyone yet who dealt with this. It's nice to know.

I understand your terror. Only someone who has experienced seeing something while in sp can understand how absolutely terrifying it is. You know it cannot be real, you know that it is just an illusion, but even knowing this.. it is so hard to go to bed at night and have a restful sleep. I did not see the old hag,, i had the pleasure of seeing the headless man. It had completely upset my life. I am alone a lot, as my husband works on the road, and whenever I am here alone, I sleep on the couch,, with the tv on, and a light.. I cannot bring myself to go to bed. It is affecting my health, my mental state, it is ruining my life. I have been to the doctor, and he is going to send me to someone who is knowledgable in sp... not that it will help any. I do not think there is any kind of pill you can take to prevent this. Oh, and once I even left my body while in sp.. floated up to the ceiling, opened my eyes, and saw myself on the bed! kathy

Your experiences sound a lot worse than mine! I find it happens more if I'm over-tired or have disturbed sleep. It's more of a nuisance than anything else. Good luck with your efforts to get help