I Have Had Sleep Paralysis....it's A Sign Of Narcolepsy!

I have Narcolepsy..and I have these instances and believe me they are very scary...I wake up but I cannot move or speak...I now know whats going on and just try to calm myself to a relaxed state so I can force myself into a conscious state..I was just recently told this is a common form of Narcolepsy...
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My uncle had narcolepsy. He was a WWII vet, I guess he never recovered from it. He never talked about it. He passed away several years ago, too bad, he was a real good guy. My thoughts are with you.

I actually have it as well. It is rather scary even though I know what it is and what is going on, but there is something about it that makes you feel so vulnerable. I usually can make grunts which wakes my partner, and she wakes me up because she knows what is going on. Mine also have audio hallucinations, so I hear voices and sounds that aren't really there.

Thank you for your response and no I am not offended...I do have faith in god and i do believe in negative forces(demons)but while I am a christian and believe in Christ this unfortunately has nothing to do with demons...I have had many paranormal experiences and I have unfortunately been in the presence of evil.. but this has nothing to do with the paranormal..It is an actual symptom related to narcolepsy...a sleep disorder. Its not any more complicated than that I'm afraid...but just so you do know ... when I am in that paralyzed state...I do call out to the Mother Mary to help me so that I might relax and be able to awaken my physical body to match my conscious mind...but thank you...

Not sure if you are religious or not? and I don't want to offend you. In the Christian faith what you are experiencing are called demons, they hold you down.
If you have any odd relics Quija boards tarot cards or any other dark spiritual thing in your home, get rid of it immediately.
Next time this happens say Jesus is LORD over and over again until it releases you.
Try it, there's power in his name and demons don't want to hear it...
Hope I didn't offend you. Just trying to help...

I agree my sleep paralysis I never let it last for more than 5 seconds. I never struggle to move either I call out to Jesus and it gets cancelled. I wish I had the courage to open my eyes and see the evil being being taken cared of by the light.