2nd Experience Last Night, Very Strange And Terrifying!

Last night i had my 2nd experience with sleep paralisis... i am 28 years old. I should mention as i think it may be a cause for me is that i am single and live alone in a 3 bed/ 2 bath home, with a detached and attached garage. I have thousands of dollars in tools and 2 classic cars in my detached garage. i have a newer valuable sports car in the attached garage.. my first experience was this year. It is more cloudy than the one i had last night.. all i can recall was laying in bed and terrible muscle pains simmilar to a leg being asleep across my whole body while i tried to move.. that was about it and although strange i blew it off... My 2nd on the other hand as of last night was a force to reckon with!! I have come to the conclusion it had to be hands down stress/anxiety/or a sense of security issue.. but at the same time... i dont know!!! It started yesterday morning i had got up after a GOOD nights sleep and did my usualy routine.. walking out to the kitchen i noticed something off.. the light in my attached garage was on.. upon lookin closer it was the light that comes on for the garage roll up door!!! I instantly assumed the worst and "armed" myself.. i waited for the light to go out as i know it is a timed light to get a feel for how recent it had came on.. it took a long time so it had to been very recent which didnt add up as i would have heard something.. so i go out cautiously and secure the garage, no one in there.. I do some looking around and find the safety sensors for the garage door are a lil out of whack which if the signal is broke the light comes on... so more less that light can come on at random.. just the first time i have ever noticed in 3 years apparently :/ I go to work, come home do my normal routine like usual with the incident long out of mind... i go to bed normal time.. sleep good... but i noticed when i woke up it was 1am... uggg.. i lay in bed wide awake for about 45 mins.. i get up for a drink and on my way out to the kitchen... garage light is on again!! Honestly there was no fear as i knew the issue.. i did look out for a sec just to do it but walked right away back to bed with no worries.. my alarm is set for 4am and i remember seeing 215am before i finaly went to sleep.. so i thought!!! the next 1hr 45mins by far was the most odd experience i may have ever had!!! I cant remember how mant times nor if my order is right but it seemed like hrs and hrs of torture!!!! one side of it were dreams in which i could move... but every one was me waking up from bed as i would have in my room everything picture perfect but shortly into it something would go terribly wrong, one instance i heard my pet basset hound outside my window being attacked by another animal.. i was in a frenzy on what to do and as i soon as i acted i was in bed again waking up.. this time i make it out off to work and remember driving and something went wrong.. wreck?? i dont quite remember but i woke up in bed again to a noise down the hallway... The other half of waking up was What i belive was actualy waking up to the dreaded paralisis!!!! it easily happened 5 times if not more.. sometimes just trying to move under extreme muscle pain, others with feelings of complete terror! the worst being a dark form of a person/shape standing just in my room facing me.. it was probaly the worst of the experiences as i fought the hardest to move and to my suprise i got my right arm and hand up as if i had a handgun which i do own and proceeded to pull the my trigger finger in its direction... other episodes of the paralisis were just very spacey feeling scary in a sense of a new feeling but i could handle those. at one point i closed my eyes but it instantly felt as if i was being spun around to where i almost felt dizzy/sick and had to open my eyes again.. i finaly remember seeing my clock at 350ish and being able to wait for the alarm, at that point i was hands down awake again but still felt light and honestly as vivid and real as all the dreams/paralisis seemed i had to sit up in bed for a few minuetes to feel if it was real... my best way to describe to a coworker today is it was like the movie "ground hog day" just never ending!!! And obviously he was floored by it all..

Today was the first day reading about the issue and its simple to me that it was an anxiety issue as in living alone and the recent threat i had.. but what i dont understand is how in 28years (3 years living alone in this house) i have never had an experience and from what i have read last night was on the extreme side in my opinion..?? i have no imeditate fears of being robbed or being broke in while in bed as i never would have slept since day 1. i am however realistic and do know i need to keep my eyes out and look for things out of the ordinary... i dont know!! I surely hope last night was a once in a lifetime experience!!! one i could have done without!
the only other detail i can say as i read alot of other peoples stories is i did catch myself sleeping on my back.. something i never do... i just recall being on my back at times tossing around.
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