I'm Irked By This.

I just read this online:

"...dreamsThe medical explanation of sleep paralysis is that as a person rouses from the deeper sleep cycle, the hormone will take a few moments to wear off and release the muscles of the arms and legs, thus causing a brief period where the paralysis lingers. Generally it only takes a few seconds for this to fade, but even such a brief time can cause panic in many people. "

the last clause: "...but even such a brief time can cause panic in many people."

I'm seriously annoyed by this.
Seriously, seriously annoyed.

Is anyone else annoyed?

I've had sleep paralysis MULTIPLE TIMES. And I can tell you that the paralysis itself is not the cause of my panic. Neither are the hallucinations and other rubbish that come along with it(for the panic this article is referring to). They(the hallucinations and like) have their own panic attached and pegged to them.

Everytime I get sleep paralysis, of which I am used to its happenings by now (SAD TO SAY), I get a feeling of dread (cue panic) REGARDLESS of whether I ascertain that I'm paralysed, and REGARDLESS of whether I open my eyes to see hallucinations or not. Neither is it a conditioned response, because this feeling of unexplainable dread happened even for my first experience.

I'm annoyed by assumption that all SP sufferers are spineless cowering souls that panic at the slightest thing. Heck, I'm braver than most people I know because of all the rubbish from SP.

I'm bristling. UGH.

Opinions? ]:<
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Bad* not bed

I too notice the fear or evil presence before I notice I'm paralized. Usually I get frozen in the middle of trying to move away or scream... I read your other story. I also have seen things. Its absolutely horrible.. when it finsished I was screaming for my mom...and I was 24 at the time! That time was bed..even though I could move I felt like they could still hear me :(

When I get this so called SP....the fear comes the moment it happens...due to the dread and evil feeling surrounding me or near me. This is before I realize I can't move...once I know I can't move that's when my fear panic whatever escalates due to feeling in danger that the evil presence will devour me. If SP wasn't accompanied by that evil presence then I wouldn't freak out.

same. people need to understand that we're not overreacting on something trivial and minor.