Horrifying, And Slightly Different Lately

The first time I had sleep paralysis I was 19, and alone in my first apartment. I woke up, couldn't move, and couldn't make any more sound than a whisper. I had been drinking the night before, and remember thinking that I was going to die there alone because I shouldn't have been drinking. I must have fallen back asleep and woke up again later feeling normal.

It continued once or twice a year until the last few years when it's been every few months or so.  No alcohol is involved. I never see a shadow or an old woman or anything else the internet thinks I should see. However, these last few years I have had a suffocating feeling, with a fast heart rate. I used to sleep with blankets by my face, but I would wake up feeling like I couldn't breathe--and then not be able to move my arms to move them out of the way.

It's such an odd thing to happen. And absolutely impossible to explain to someone that hasn't experienced it.
ThatsJustMarvelous ThatsJustMarvelous
31-35, F
Dec 8, 2012