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It started all the same. Just before I fell asleep, I felt the numbness take over me. I know by now, that I can't stop it, no matter how long I try to stay awake, I can't stop it from happening at least once. So as I drifted away and surrendered myself to the hell I normally experience, it was slightly different. I opened my eyes and found myself on my stomach and in a very odd position, something I wasn't used to. I, of course, could only speak in whispers, but this time I couldn't move my torso or my legs at all. Just my feet, my hands, and my head. Normally within these dreams, I call for my mother, and she's normally outside my bedroom door or near me but she can't hear me. But this time, I had my phone in my hand, I could feel it, and all I wanted to do, all I could think about doing, was to try and call my boyfriend, call him and ask him for comfort. I wanted to call him, I felt like I needed to call him. So I tried with all my might to try and get it up to my ear, but I couldn't even move my arm, I could only move my hand in a feeble attempt to do so. But when I couldn't move my phone to my ear, that's when the panic ensued. I began to think about what would happen to me? Would I talk to my boyfriend again? Would I ever get to see him again? That's all I could think about, until I finally woke myself up. As soon as I did, I grabbed my phone and texted him. I'm so glad he was awake, he comforted me and I was able to go back to sleep again...I'm just scared about tonight...and if it happens again (my episodes aren't consistent)
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Hi there, I to suffer from sleep paralysis. Well, I used to suffer from it. Now I just have it. For a long time I thought I was alone in this because any time I would ask somebody if it had ever happened to them they would look at me like I was some kind of weirdo and say "no".
It's a pretty terrifying thing. Can't move, feel like you can't breathe. you try to scream for help but can't actually make a sound. Some people even see menacing things standing around them or even feel like these things they are seeing are the cause of the problem itself. The latter has only happened to me a few times and it is scary as hell, but the just waking up paralyzed has happened quite often. The only thing I could do was to fight and fight until I could move something. A finger, a hand, turn my head, or something and then I would wake up. That could take seconds or minutes and if it took minutes it felt like hours.
A little while ago I got interested in hypnosis. I wondered if maybe it could help me induce a deeper state of meditation. As I started to read up on it I noticed that there was quite a few similarities between the deep states of hypnosis described and what I would feel in sleep paralysis. So, I was determined no matter how scared I was that the next time it happened I would try the same things they do in hypnosis in my paralysis. The first thing I would do is tell myself that I was going to count down from 5 to 1 and as soon as I hit 1 that I would be completely calm and that my breathing would be back to normal.
So of course the next time it happened I totally forgot to do it and freaked out like I normally did. When I broke free I realized that I forgot and was mad at myself. I even wondered if it was really possible for me to do this but then I said to myself, "If I can consciously think while this is happening to me than I have to at least be able to try it." The next time it happened I remembered. It was extremely hard to stay focused while being so scared but I did it and IT FREAKEN WORKED!!! As soon as I was done counting down I was completely calm and breathing normally. Then I told myself I would count form 3 to 1 and then I would be awake. I did and as soon as I hit 1 I was awake. Now I even kind of look forward to it happening because just like hypnosis you can tell yourself all kinds of things to happen, like instead of waking up you tell yourself that you will fall back to sleep into a wonderful dream. That does take some practice. More often at first once you have gained control you will just wake up but at least you now have the control and no longer have to be afraid of falling asleep.
I really hope this helps. I truly know just how terrifying this can be and doing this has changed my life.