Don't F-ckin Touch Me.

So last morning, i had sleep paralysis again. I've been waiting for this to happen again since this was not happening to me anymore since I began researching about this sleep paralysis until last morning. So I was already awake i think it's 6 am already, and then i felt drowsy, so i slept again. When I woke up again, I was paralyzed, so i got excited and happy that I was paralyzed again. I was thinking to make a experiment through it, to prove that "just wait for a few seconds and you'll wake up normally" thing I've read on youtube. And also to OBE. But while I'm just letting it happen, I can feel that someone's touching my breast, i thought it'll be gone for seconds, but it didn't, i felt uncomfortable about it so I just pushed myself to wake up..
neeki neeki
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

That has sort of happend to me as well I knew sleep paralysis was happening once and I let it happen until I felt as if something was getting into the bed next to me so I stared to panic and then it stopped that was a really weird experience.. :/