Baby's Kiss

About a year ago, I was babysitting a 2-month-old baby. We were by ourselves in the house, and he fell asleep in my arms. I was sitting in the couch holding him, and I fell asleep as well. Suddenly, I woke up but couldn't move, neither close my eyes. The living room looked exactly the same, and I tried to force my eyes to shut again. I did, but about 5 seconds later, they were wide open and I still couldn't move my body. I kept staring at the counter and out of nowhere, a black mass appeared and some human-body-shape was formed. A woman with black hair was upside down staring at me, and she looked very scary. Her mouth was open like a wormhole, her hair was shaggy and she looked pale. She began to approach me and I felt like I was bringing the baby I was holding closer to my face. Then I felt a kiss on my cheeks, from the baby. The feeling was so strong that made me wake up and realize the baby was still laying on my lap, far away from my face.
gravollet gravollet
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012