I Suffer From Sleep Paralysis Badly

Hi I am rachael from New Zealand . I am 36yrs old and have suffered from sleep Paralysis since I was 16 years old . I hate it and wish there was a cure. Usually it only occurs about one month a month but when i am going through a bad patch its about twice a week. I have been told it is not life threating but I still feel terrified every tiem it happens. I also feel totaly alone and feel I am the only one i n the whole wide worls that has this condintion, as I have found no support groups or very little infomation on the condition. I despriatley want to find a support group and more info on the condition
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Hello my friend. mine started when I was 6 years old. I am now 47 and have been searching non stop in every discipline you can imagine for an answer. And I won't rest until I find one. Dear 888 illuminism888...your post was years ago so hopefully you have become further illuminated. This is NOT narcolepsy. Narcolepsy has 'similar' symptoms such as the paralysis, but this is not related. at all.
Good luck with your searching friends. Let's keep each other informed.

http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Have-Had-Sleep-Paralysis/2769058 - This is my post...Maybe my experience will help with the "Evil presence" this is a horrible thing for us to have to endure. I still find myself wondering if it is sleep paralysis or something entirely differently - even though sleep paralysis sums up what happens with me. Mine happens BEFORE sleep, however. Not when I'm about to wake up like most peoples.

Ok..I just answered this question somewhere else...it's a a symptom of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder. I have it ...It sucks..Sleep Paralysis is one of the symptoms and unless you talk to the right person, you might feel like your going crazy or being possessed and all kinds of terrible stuff. You need to talk to a sleep disorder specialist. I have sleep paralysis and it doesn't matter when I get it...I'll be damned if I don't get freaked out every time..Sometimes I can calm myself down just enough to wake myself into a more conscious state and sometimes not so much...Its hard to calm down when you know your awake but have no control over your physical body..can't move, can't scream...there is no cure that I know of but they can give you more information and you can learn to manage it better...Good Luck!

Well rest assured u are most definitely not the only one,but it sure does feel like that,I've had it since I was 15 and I am now 33,I can turn out of my body when I get the vibrations nd sometimes it just feels like I'm falling into darkness or I've flown up in the air,I've went through walls and windows into ppl's houses,I've experienced so many weird things with it,I know it is old and I want it to stop too but there is some amazing things that can be done with it,I think we're in another dimension sometimes...if we've had it this long we'll probably always have it.

Do you have vibrations? Can you hear everything going on around you while its happening?

i also have found that sleeping on my back makes it worse, interestingly one of the worst times i got it was while on honeymoon in new Zealand (i live in ireland) when i got home i happened to read an article that said seismic activity can make it worse and remembered that night in New Zealand there had been an earthquake where we were staying. i know you guys get a lot of earth quakes. though this dosnt help your situation at all its just a bit of info i found interesting

Hey also from Ireland, I'm new to this and need answers badly

Come up with a system. Try to move one very specific body part, not your whole body. Once you can move a little you'll start snapping out of it and be able to move more. Once that happens roll over onto your side, which usually helps. I find that now I have a specific protocol for how to handle it I sort of snap into action and focus on the system, not the fear. <br />
<br />
Trust me, you're definitely not alone. Almost half of the world's population experiences this at least once in their life. While there are few of us who get it often (I've had it to varying degrees since I was 13) we're still a significant population and we can all commiserate. Sleep paralysis is terrifying, but we can be stronger than it!

thats exactly the method i use :)

I get them lots too,though they have stopped recently, but i can control them. I know when the are happening and i just wait it out till i wake up which feels like 20-30secs.dont get me wrong they can be terrifying but one day i got real mad during one and and realized i wanted to whack whatever it was that was holding me down and ive never been afraid of them since. But its nothing paranormal so dont worry about that its just sleep paralysis and i bet millions of others have it too!

By the way, in my experience It stoppped when I started fighting the fear, and controlling it. Belive me you and millions of peopple like me suffer from that condition. Fight the fear, fight the insecurity and this things will be gone. Cheer up !!!! Grettings from Mexico city :)

Hi please check my story, I've detailed a few experiences. some of them very interesting. Please leave your comments. Have a good one

No your not the only one, Ive done this ever since I was 10. Its more than just scary its terrifying. Ive been reading about it recently after I found information about this on the internet. I never talked to anyone about this cause I didnt want anyone to think I was crazy.Ive read it helps to pray....Ive read sleeping on your back can cause this to happen as well.

It has been happening to me for about 7 years now from what I can remember. Completely paralyzed and an extreme feeling of an evil presence. I never used to be a spiritual person until these occurrences started happening to me. Trust me you are not alone. Science tries to explain this as neurons in our brains firing to keep us from enacting our dreams when we come into consciousness too early, but I would like them to suffer from these episodes for more than a year and then try to explain them scientifically!!

if it could be explained by science why is everyone's experience almost identical with the evil presence? that i dont get!

The reason it could only be happening once a month, but other time more, is because you could be sleeping on your back. This is what helped get rid of mine, but the odd time I will fall asleep on my back and it is back and I know what's going on and I tell myself it, but it is still a very scary thing.

What is sleep paralysis? This is the right place to start looking for support. Good Luck.