It's Not Just You..

Yeah, I've had sleep paralysis a couple of times the first time I remember was when I was about 10-12 years old and I remember not being able to move and I also remember trying to scream out my brothers name (he's bedroom is right next to mine) but as I was trying to scream his name out nothing came out it felt as if I was mute I couldn't speak, when the sleep paralysis finished I didn't know what it was so I just ignored it I thought it was just a dream.
After that I never had sleep paralysis until recently I'm 14 now turning 15 soon and last year I had a sleep paralysis almost every night once I remember seeing a shadow of a little girl then I reasearched it and found out it was called sleep paralysis. I still have it from time to time still but I always know when I have it now so when I have it I think in my head "nooo not sleep paralysis!!" But yeah I just go with the flow and it eventually stops.. Usually it happens when I wake up at night or really early in the morning and try to go back to sleep. I'm used to it now but at the start I must admit it was frightening but my tip would be always keep your eyes shut and try to move your fingers or your toes. Thanks good luck :)
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Yes, me too. My brother experienced this as well but his is creepier. He had to to have the sensation of floating into some abyss with some black lady hovering over him, taking him with her. Mine was just the classic paralysis, floating, shadows and voices. As I grew older, I found that sleeping on my sides or covering my face with a blanket if I had to sleep on my back lessens the chances of having sleep paralysis.

Ohh wow that's really frightening, when I saw a black shadow I was sooo scared but I just wanted to stay calm but yeah, I saw a little black shadow of a girl then it flashed and came closer then it flashed and went further then there was this light then it disappeard, I was sooo scared I was just praying in my mind because I couldn't talk :/ but now I'm used to it .. My sp now is just me not being able to move.