For Years

I experienced sleep paralysis for many years.

The things I'd usually see are dark shadows and the sensation of floating or not being able to move. On scary occasions, I would hear someone laughing close to me.

My brother had a scarier experience. He once woke up in the middle of the night unable to move. He saw a black lady, covered in black veil from head to foot, laughing in front of him. He then felt like he was floating and that he was being pulled into abyss. Luckily, he was able to go back and move again.

I used to panic when I experience these things. I would pray over and over until they go away. It turns out though that panic is the worst thing you can do. The more you panic, the more you won't be able to relax to move again. So, what I do is not to freak out and pray. After a few seconds, I'd be normal again.

As I grew older though, I found that lying on my side or covering my head with a blanket decreases the chances of me having to experience sleep paralysis.
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I thought I was so weird when I first had it but then I researched it and sleep paralysis is basically when your mind wakes up earlier than your body and your body is still asleep then when we find out we can't move we get scared and confused that's when the Hallucinations kick in but I always know when I'm having sp now I hate it but knock on wood it's getting less now, when your having it keep your eyes shut or you will see scary stuff and try moving by moving your fingers or toes (:

That's just a theory science does not understand dreams. I will never believe I was hallucinating. I don't feel fear because I can't move I feel it way before I realize I can't move. If you see my last experience I woke up saw my tv on with a person in it after sp was over my tv was still on same channel with same guy talking. It's not a dream. There's different dimensions and during sp you happen to be in a different dimension were your sight and hearing senses are heightened. Even science has mentioned a theory of dimensions.

Yeah that's some serious stuff, but my sp is not that extreme and of corse I think that it's more than just your body being asleep, and everybody has their beliefs. But how was you tv on, did just turn of during your sleep paralysis or was it on before you went to sleep? That's really interesting ...

Ever since I got sp I've been sleeping on my couch with lights and tv on that's why it was on. It finally got me on my couch this time that fear wasn't there I believe darkness empowers sp but this time everything was on so I felt fine until that thing crawled on my couch phew

What's the difference between sleeping in your bedroom and on the couch? And how was the tv on? Your sp is really bad, have you talked to anyone about it?

My tv was on cause I leave it on before I go to sleep. I sleep on my couch in my living room cause its a huge area compared to my tiny room. I feel more confident/safe in open areas compared to contained areas like my room. I'be talked to some people some believe me some their solution is for me to pray and it goes away. Not sleeping on my back helps for it not to happen...and praying when it happens makes it go away.

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