Is This Sleep Paralysis?

I had a rather strange night sleep last night. I fell asleep as normal ( i presume, there was nothing out of the ordinary) but, early in the morning i was awake. It's sounds weird but i was still dreaming but was aware i was dreaming and knew i was asleep. It's almost as if another me was doing the dreaming whilst the real me was aware of my room, of my cat walking around and even of the furniture and where everything was. It seemed to go on for a while, probably not too long but long enough to realise i was asleep. What was strange was towards the end i felt like someone was in my room and I had to force myself to wake up to check. The strangest part was whilst I was asleep I acually felt fine until I woke up, then it was such a struggle as if I was pushing out of myself and when I was actully awake and could move I was exhausted!

I never knew there was such a thing as sleep paralysis and only stumbled across it as I was looking for explanations online. I found other people had experienced this but the main difference was the feeling of someone there. Every other story I've read seems to indicate a sense of panic or fear. I never experienced this. I KNEW I was asleep and KNEW there was no one in my room but just felt I'd better check since it seemed like they were just behind me. AS I said, upon waking, I felt so tired, completely different to when I was asleep. The easiest way to explain would be if I said I was waiting for my dream to finish and was a bit impatient, the dream continued, it was nothing special then I pushed myself awake.

I can't say the whole experience was bad just strange. Throught it all I couldn't move until I forced myself awake. I know it's a little bit different to other peoples stories but alsohas a lot of similar aspects. I'm not even worried just curious. It's the first time I've ever felt something like this and just wondered. Is this sleep paralysis or something else since I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dream but I have no real idea so just wondered?
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Ah thank you for you're reply. I've just been having a quick nosey at lucid dreams and it does seem more like that. I must say it was a very strange experience but it's not happened since. I might even have a bash at your instructions just to see! Thanks again.

No, this you experienced sounds more like Lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming happens when you fall asleep and your mind is overthinking or you create a scenario in your thoughts. And then if you lucid dream, its actually hard to wake up or move.

It is not that hard to do. Lol first you have to try to clear your mind. Don't think of anything. Jst focus on your breathing. When your laying down, close your eyes and don't move at all. When you feel like you're about to sleep, you kinda force your mind to start thinking about something. Make up a scenario of w.e you want.