I Love Sleep Paralysis

I love sleep paralysis.. and i like when it happens.. I can feel another person in the same room as me and i find that amazing that the other spirit in the room it you watching yourself sleep.. I have began to control it.. I know how i can make it happen but i don't know how to stop it.. It wakes me up a couple times some nights.. but it's an experience that i have over and over and i enjoy it.. It's different and odd..
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Can you explain what you're saying by you watching yourself sleep? I think I heard that from Sylvia Brown the psychic but I didn't really believe her. ba<x>sed on my experiences I don't believe it's me watching myself sleep...more like someone else watching me. The only way it's you watching yourself sleep is if you had an Out of body experience and you remember looking down to yourself sleeping.

I agree, my sleep paralysis is usually scary and I sometimes feel like someone else (particularly a male) is watching me sleep, but I can never watch myself. Sounds more like an OBE to me too!

Well.. It's not literal.. It's like saying that since your asleep and you can sense things around you (Even if they aren't really there) then you're watching over yourself while you sleep.. It's almost like saying that your guarding yourself while you sleep, but you're not literally watching yourself..

Its called "lucid" dreaming. Its where you trick your brain into thinking your a sleep, and since the first stage of sleep is sleep paralysis, you go into that. Watch the movie "insidious" that's what its about. That's why lucid dreaming is considered dangerous.

Lucid dreaming is dangerous?
I've had it over and over without even trying, and just now started sleep paralysis.

Is it really dangerous? Or is it a myth?

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