First Time Having Sleep Paralysis

I had my first case of sleep paralysis two days ago. The worse thing is that I did not even know that this existed, so A LOT of crazy things came to my mind after having it. I think it was one of the most horrible experiences that I have ever had, I was terrified! I started searching for the symptoms that I experienced and the first thing that I found was a case of alien abduction, and after that “demons”, “spirits” … etc. I told some friends what had happened to me but the only explanation that they could give me was: Oh, you were dreaming! But I knew I was not. So I tried looking for some medical condition in the internet and I finally found that it was a case of “sleep paralysis” and that it was actually pretty common. I honestly do not have any problems sleeping, I sleep a lot and really well, so I think it was just a random case for me. The only thing different from other people is that I could not even open my eyes, and instead of seeing things I was hearing them. I just wanted to share this experience! After using the term “sleep paralysis” with my friends I found out that some of them were in the same situation.
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Like you when I first experienced SP I found several other explanations for the condition. Since then, I've done a lot of reading and talking to others with this condition. From what I've found, most people will have one or two episodes in their lives. Many don't even realize what they have experienced.

For me I have episodes 3 to 4 nights a week and often more than once a night. I believe that, for me, it is caused by something inherited from my mother. She sleep walks a lot and I've read several places that it is believed in many cases there is a direct link to other types of sleep disorders within families.

At first it was hard to deal with because I had no idea what was going on but the more I looked into it and the more episodes I had the easier dealing with it became. Now, I notice when I go into SP and usually shake it off no problem. I'm dealing with it better now, but I've also noticed an increase in the episodes I do have. I'm not sure if it is an actual increase or if I'm just now noticing how often it really occurs.

I know this post is about a month old. Have you had anymore SP episodes since posting this?

Hey, you okay? I remember my first experience too. At first I thought that my room was haunted. And mm, it is fairly common. I have 5 friends who have gotten it before that I know of off-hand. And some of them get it pretty regularly like me. Hope you're doing okay. If you ever need people to rant to, we're here for you(:, kay?

lots of love,
fellow sp-experiencer

Thank you, that's really sweet :)
I think that now that I know it is common I'm not that scared, it was just the "unknown" what made me even more terrified.