Another Night Another Paralysis

This sleep paralysis stuff is damn scary to go through.  I to have had my share of this experience over a number of years but hey lately for whatever reason it is getting to the stage of not wanting to go to bed at night cause I am frightened I am going to have another event (well they are so bad and full on they are what I would call an event).

I have read that these experiences are harmless??? gee I reckon they take years off ones life they are so scary.

Last night I had two happening as if one wasn't enough to scare the daylights out of me.  I felt like screaming for help but of course there is no ability to open the mouth so whats the point.

The way I got through this last night was to tell myself on some sort of level that what I was going through was normal (tricky I know) and that it was happening because my body was so damn tired yet my mind was still active..Make sense? Well I survived another attack to be able to tell this tale but I sure would like to talk to other people who have had or are going through the same.  So you out there fellow sleeper paralysisers email me maybe together we can figure out a way of helping ourselves and if not being able to stop the paralysis at least not feeling too badly about it. 
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My first sleep paralysis experience would have to be the most horrible experience of my life, because of the simple fact I was only about 7 or 8, and having a nightmare so horrid that I still remember it to this day says a lot. I remember getting in trouble and my mother and step father would tell me it was just a dream. They would say my eyes were open and I would just scream and scream, once coming back from "the dream" they thought I was just messing around I guess . It happened more than once and it was always the same. I couldn't move nor speak and I was being pulled really really fast on what seemed to be a conveyer belt. I can hear the belt move, it made a loud high pitch noise, but on top of that noise was this loud growl, and snarl. I seen myself getting closer and closer to this demonic thing, and it was just chomping down and down and snarling as I got even closer and closer. I'd always come to right before I had gotten eatin up. That was my first experience but it actually happened more than once until I was about 12 , just that same experience. The second experience that I can remember didn't happen again until I was about 15 and I remember waking up but watching
Myself and something was sitting on side of me sucking the life out of me. I can see my self laying on my back staring at myself. It was the most craziest thing. Again I couldn't move or speak, I tried calling out for help but just a whimper could escape and I can feel tears running down my face, yet I couldn't do anything about it. I thought that was it. I was going to watch this thing kill me. What probably was a few minutes seemed like forever. I finally came through and jolted from the bed and landed on the floor, just bursting into tears. The first thing that came to my mind was the night terrors I had as a child and I thought to myself... It's happening again. My third experience was none like before and happened just a week ago, and it was two experiences in a row. I am 22 now btw. I had a lot of stress that day because my 3 year old daughter had gone through a dental procedure and we were both exhausted. I laid down next to her and I guess I had feel asleep, I woke up because I heard and felt something. I seen this black figure that looked to be wearing really tight clothing and a black tight fitted face mask almost like a stocking but it had horns coming from the top, this thing was crouched over eating strips of news paper from paper mâché' just staring at me from the foot of the bed, it kinda wobbled a little from side to side, just staring. My eyes went straight to my daughter and I tried to hold her but again I couldn't move, I tried to say her name and nothing came out, I looked back over and it was still there making this growling noise. It's happening again I thought to myself. I'm just going to wake up and it's going to be gone. We just sat there looking at one another, until I realized I could wiggle my finger, I was thinking god plz let me just be able to check on my daughter, and for some odd reason I was freed. The mother instincts in me checked on her right way. I had gotten up, used the bathroom, made some jello, and laid back down, afraid to go back to sleep. And I realized I was stuck again, like I just laid down and I'm stuck again, no way, this time I felt my boyfriend come home from work, kiss me, and run his shower. I felt like the steam was coming from the bathroom. Then I started hearing voices and my cabinet doors shutting and the drawers opening and closing. I tried to get up to see what was going on and I couldn't, I called out for my boyfriend and nothing. I felt myself panicking. I finally came through and I just laid there thinking about everything. I realized that my boyfriend didn't come home, and it really was just me and alora home. I thought I was going crazy. I ended up falling back asleep but I didn't have sleep paralysis just a really bad night terror. It was me and my
Little Girl doing the same thing we were doing laying down on a bed but in a different room and people were all around us just staring, and I looked at
My daughter and she turned completely blue, and lifeless. I was like screw this your waking up brittney and let's just say I didn't go back to sleep. I haven't had one since, but I can't stop thinking about it now. Like why does this happen to me, and no one else in my family? Will this always happen to me? How can I make it stop. To all you who experience this too, stay strong really, and thanks, because just knowing that I'm not going through this alone, and I'm not crazy, feels so darn good. I been going through this my whole life thinking It was just me, and no one ever really I don't want to say believed me, but they never really commented on it. Now I know what it is and what it's about, I want to try and find a solution.

My boyfriend has this several times a week. He is 31. Says that he sees demons (or bad things) that are attacking him, but he can't move. He cries out in his sleep, sometimes screaming my name loud enough for me to hear 2 rooms away (like in the bathroom with the fan on). His body convulses and sometimes his eyes are open. Whatever he is going through is enough to wake me up if I'm in deep sleep. If I wake him, he will go back into it, so now I have to physically grab his arms and lift them, and make sure that he turns over into a new sleeping position. And despite what is said here, I think in rare instances it actually can be deadly (it was on 1000 ways to die, and many Phillipinos believe strongly in it). I'm not religious but it almost seems you could die of a heart attack, though it is usually harmless.

*Harmless: Not a heart attack, but the sleep paralysis. It keeps you from acting out what you're doing in your dreams, so that you don't go wandering off in the night asleep and doing stupid stuff

you should email me, I've had many experiences but I haven't had one in a while.

ive heard that if you attempt to attack whatever is scaring you (though you cant move) like all out punch it you will wake up... i kicked the thing scaring me and i woke up

this sucks! I'm tired of being scared and i just don't know what to do.. ;(

Do you have vibrations???

We all have very similar symptoms, yours is alot like mine. So folks seem to have more dramatic episodes frequently. Why?? I dont know. Perhaps whatever is going on in your life at that time? self esteem? control issues? just plain stressed?... do these things bring on the demons. <br />
I have had these since I was a child when I could hear my dad wake me and my brother up for school. I could tell you every word spoken when I was still "under".<br />
I for one can clearly say that being overtired or lack of sleep does bring these on. Some nights it just hangs around like a numb locking feeling and I will have 2-3 episodes. In that case I now, when its over, GET UP and fully awake myself like im getting ready to get up for the day. Then relax and dont fight the sleepy feeling.<br />
I am feeling so much better now that I know others have the same thing, cause I had never heard of anyone else before I came on here.<br />
Thanks to everyone who has shared a story

after the first couple of sec. i did start to get scared cause i couldnt move or talk no way of calling for help but i was having this dream that i had the girl of my dreams in my arms and she was holding me tight and when i woke up i could still feel a pressure from the hug and for a minute i didnt feel alone that of course went away as soon as i realized that i couldnt move and that the hug was just a dream

Hi,<br />
I have had sleep paralysis "episodes" for the past 3 years on and off. <br />
It is very scary as everything in the room is the same as it was when i went asleep so i think im awake but then i will feel like there is something evil in the room with me. This is when i realise im asleep and really need to wake myself up, panicking doesnt help but its so scary i cant help but panic! I feel that if i dont wake myself up something really bad is going to happen to me.<br />
I try and speak to my partner next to me to ask him to wake me up but all i can do is stare at him, eventually i will force myself awake, usually very upset!<br />
I also hear a really high pitched buzzing sound, kind of electrical sound. Sometimes i hear this noise as im falling asleep so i wake myself up if i can, to avoid another sleep paralysis episode. I have read that this sound is due to your body being so deep into itself ready for sleep that it sends out electrical like sounds to stimulate the body to make sure your body knows you are still alive, just sleeping deeply.<br />
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I havent had an episode for a while but when i do they seem to get worse each time!

ok blooming you've explained the reason why you can't move... but what about all the crazy noises and figures that you see/hear?

I think you have the right idea.<br />
<br />
I have had incidents of sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember; sometimes frequent, sometimes months apart. My experiences are similar to yours - my mind is alert and awake but my body will not respond. The feeling of being trapped, unable to see or move so much as an eyelid is terrifying. I don't know how to stop an attack once it starts, but I have found that if i concentrate on my breathing, tell myself firmly that it WILL end, and will my body to move with all my strength, the attacks don't last as long.<br />
<br />
For years, I had no idea what was wrong with me, but it's reassuring to know there are others out there who have had similar experiences.

For the record its not a sleeping condition ive had it happen while be wide awake sitting up right even while standing before in the middle of the day.they say its a sleeping disorder beacuse they cant explain it and all scientist dont belive in an higher being they need physical proof of it. so they make up there own opinon on it not and actual answer.<br />
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Basically they have been a part of my life my entire life even still the shadows and stuff they will talk you just have to open the port of your mind that allows to to listen not everyone can.reason why we feel fear when they appear is because our body work like a like a radio picking up different senses instead of air waves and our body are setup to fear them do to all the horror films and crap to make you fear them that when u do sense them the brain automatically goes into a fear state not all the figures you see are demonic spirits.if they are it a completely different feeling ur heart rate will beat off key and your blood will run cold and the feeling of death will run threw your whole body as if you were actually dying.the reason why most of you have seen them as a child is because your more how could i put this."vulnerable" because the part of your brain that pick up these senses hasn't been developed so its like an open door to them as you get older the door slowly closes that's why some people never get it again cause they are prone to senses what we cant see.and those who do like myself the door remains open,i know Ive heard stuff of them speaking to the person and they cant understand what they are saying.may sound crazy but try to focus on their voice if you can do that you'll be able to understand them not in complete clarity.<br />
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idk why people "scientist" say they its sleeping disorder? its not your brain going through your thoughs cause ive never has people that were dressed from back in the day appear in front of me that i had ever seen before or could even reconginize so why would it be a part of my memory? explain that?.its a gift not a sleeping disorder!

I have been having episodes of sleep paralysis over the last 3 years, but now it looks like i´m also having hallucinations while conscious of my state. It already happened two times this week and i´m starting to get very disturbed about this. I´m even starting to be afraid of going to sleep... some sort of Freddy krueger disorder... <br />
I´ve read that there are people that actually work very hard to reach this kind of state... and all i´m wanting is it to be over.

To everyone here who has experienced sleep paralysis, at some point: I too experienced this for several years, off and on. Sleep deprivation or disruption of any kind would make it infinitely worse. I would be fully awake (after coming out of a sleep state) and my mind was thinking like "normal", but I could not physically move or open my eyes, and sometimes it felt like I had "fogotten" how to breathe (very scary)! When this would happen, I would try to concentrate on taking very deep breaths, and it seemed like the oxygen to my brain helped my brain to find a way "around" it. For those of you who do not know, this condition is caused by a delay in the body's sleep/wake mechanism. When you are asleep, your body paralyzes itself so that you don't literally "act out" your dreams (and thus hurt yourself, etc.) I study mental health, and it appears that antidepressants (SSRI's) actually HELP this condition, if research counts for anything. I personally started taking an antidepressant/SSRI prescribed by my doctor, and ever since I started on this medication I have NOT had any more incidents of sleep paralysis, at all! I am wondering if the chemistry in the brain being a bit "off" (such as in depression) makes other systems slow down?? Hope this helps. You can speak to your doctor about this, but if you search online, there are articles that support my experience. Sweet dreams to everyone!

Hi there,<br />
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You hit the nail on the head about how it feels. You can't do anything and its very scary. I'm going to post my story up after this. Hope the paralysis goes eventually.<br />
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