Don't Be Afraid!

I have experienced sleep paralysis many times in my life starting as a teenager. At first it was SOOO scary! I didn't know what it was caused from and as some of you know it can cause POWERFUL hallucinations including feelings of dread or of a 'presence' whether you see anything or not.

Once I researched what it was I realized that when your body falls asleep it paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams. EVERY NIGHT! If your mind wakes up before your body then you become conscious of it. This is completely normal- I promise. It goes away every time and usually only lasts 30 seconds to a minute (even if it feels like an eternity).

My advice? Relax. Don't struggle. Free your mind from fear and scary thoughts. Those scary things you see/hear? They are projections of your own fears. When you stop being afraid you will stop seeing the bad things I promise. You may even see good things. It can be made into a positive experience if you change your state of mind.

Relax, go back to sleep, don't struggle, think happy thoughts. Before you know it you can move again :D This has worked for me I know it can work for you too!
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1 Response Nov 23, 2013

Thing is I'm not afraid anymore but the same figure still shows up having this for three years now the figure doesn't go away wether you fear it or not the shape of it stays the same

Exactly! You soon learn to not fear it but it's occurrence still is disturbing.

It used to be for me now a days we both get along and he only shows up every now and again