The Many Times of Sleep Paralysis

I've always had a capacity for Sleep Paralysis since about the age of 13.

My first time was back when I used to listen to music when I slept. I was laying in bed, headphones on, and rock station set, and Nirvana's All Apologies starts to play, and here I am staring at the ceiling, and then I start to hallucinate a cartoon-like head consisting of mechanical parts and a huge nobby round nose rotating around before my eyes.  Rather than terrified, I'm sort of amused by it, it looked funny.  And I swear up and down, I never ever ever have or ever did do drugs.  My imagination is amazing.

One of the more amusing episodes was when I was sixteen.  I was laying in my bed, at this point in my life I had a guitar rack on the wall of my bedroom.  I was laying in bed, and had just got out of a dream, only to open my eyes and find that my bass guitar was floating across the room, and the only way to track the movement of my bass was with my eyes.

As I got older, I started to make discoveries about sleep paralysis and me.  The first one I discovered is sexual activity seems to increase the possibilities of it.  One night with one of my former girlfriends I remember waking up next to her and watching the Windows 98 maze screensaver on my computer from over her hips, but totally unable to move despite my body and arms being cuddled right up to her, which really being as she was my girlfriend, it was not bad at all.

I also discovered that I seem to be able to get sleep paralysis and actually not be asleep, but awake to the room eye wise, but dead on asleep as far as the rest of my body goes.  Another episode involving that same Windows 98 screensaver and I recall "waking up" from it and able to move, and the only difference was that I could move vs not being able to move.

Also, Nightmares bring it about too, which is odd.  If I have a scary dream, say something is chasing me, or I'm about to be killed by some supernatural-like being, I usually go through a fear induced round of sleep paralysis afterward, which many a time I'll try to avoid calling out at all despite my fear-ridden mind feeling the need to, usually because by then I'm aware I'm dreaming up the fear, and that if I wake up, it'll brush off pretty quick.


DarkParade83 DarkParade83
Feb 22, 2009