Ok hopefully someone can give me a good answer here...
So for like a week straight, I was having dreams that I was fully consciously aware were dreams. I know that's just lucid dreaming. But the weird thing was that in EVERY dream I had (and they are all different), I would move slowly like I was tired, like I was exhausted, and I couldn't keep my eyes open during the dream. It's like I was constantly falling asleep while I was dreaming. And I would always wake up suddenly and be really sweaty. What happened?
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It does sound like SP. Have you been on any new types of meds? It could be a side-effect.

Nope no meds whatsoever. I'm not even sure what sleep paralysis is... My dreams usually aren't scary. Just confusing and I'm not sure what to make of all the weird crap that keeps happening.

Ok so SP is your body and mind aren't awake at the same time. Its a condition that 24% of ppl have just most of em think its spirtual.

Many ppl can't move but can hear and a small % see things that you would only see in dreams. None of it is real though so its harmless.

The more afraid you are the more scary it gets, you need to breath and calm yourself down to get out of a SP attack. Its very scary I know but there isn't any cute and watch out for the religious ppl try to sick you in with demon mumbo jumbo.. Its all very scientific and Gid has nothing to do with SP.

You're on your way to astral projecting

Thats what I thought for years! However SP seems to fit the description and has scientific Logic.

SP is literally the first stage of astral projecting, though some people only ever experience that stage and don't relax enough through it to then reach the other stages, which are awesome!

Don't get bogged down with the science behind SP science doesn't explain everything, I agree it explains some of the physical effects of SP but look it up, it doesn't explain why people in remote tribes who have never been exposed to the influences we have, see the same things.... http://youtu.be/QmbpOucNVn4

I'm half way through... Its a good watch, thanks for the link :)

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