First Encounter With God?

I've been experiencing sleep paralysis for the last 4 years and have found out that a lot of it may be linked to my religious faith and the house I live in.  My first experience happened in this house (my grandmother's house) the first night I read the Bible.  I remember at that time I was seeking God and a friend of mine bought me one of my own.  So, before I slept that night I read a little and put the Bible under my pillow (don't know what compelled me to do that).  Then, in the middle of the night, I woke up and suddenly felt terrified because I felt somebody hugging me and an extreme pressure on top of me as well (I was sleeping on my side).  I tried to scream and fight off the presence but realized I could not move my body! While this was happening, I heard someone whisper into my ear "it's okay" and that was when I felt the weight slowly move away from my body and saw a white light/figure go across my room.  I fell back asleep after that but I remember distinctly everything that happened.  I cannot explain the white light/figure but I know in fact that I saw it because the entire time I made out the images of my room and knew that I was not hallucinating or dreaming and was clearly still in my bedroom when this all occurred. And I clearly remember someone whispering into my ear "it's okay" because I remember feeling so terrified I could feel tears well up into my eyes and it was as if they sensed that and didn't want me to feel endangered. People have told me that it might be coincidence that it started happening the day I started reading the Bible but I firmly believe that there is a connection to it because it has never happened to me before that.

After that experience, the sleep paralysis continued to happen to me several times each month, but they were very short and would happen to me right before I fell asleep at night. It was so frequent that somehow I could always feel it coming and would then prepare myself mentally and physically when it did happen. One way I've dealt with it is by trying to concentrate on moving one body part when the sleep paralysis is in effect and immediately my body springs out into movement and feeling and I am fully awake by then.

To explain why it has to do with the location of my residence is because I realized that my sleep paralysis only happened when I live/sleep here at my grandmother's house.  About a year and half after my first episode, I moved to another house with my family and it never happened to me while I lived there.  Then, two months ago, we decided to move back to my grandmother's house where I now live.  I moved back into the same bedroom that I had last time I lived here.  And about two weeks after moving in, I had an episode (after about a year and a half of not having one!) and remember my television being on while I was in it and seeing a figure/shadow on my wall reflecting off my tv which deeply terrified me but I soon realized it might have been a hallucination.  I've been trying to cope with it since my first episode and realized that it is just something that I have to deal with and as the years have passed I realized that though I have not found a clear, distinct explanation/resolution to this that I can stay positive and not let it affect my life the way it did before by terrifying me and keeping me from sleeping.  I enjoy a peaceful sleep every night by keeping positive and clear thoughts and securing myself by keeping myself aware and cautious of my next episode.

For those coping with it as well, just keep a positive and clear mind and  accept it peacefully! It will be easier to deal with. God bless.

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I also experience the same thing .. I was able to conquer it by rebuking in the name of Jesus and praying in my head instead of yelling for help where no one can hear u so I start start saying in the name of Jesus I rebuke u I am cover by the blood of Jesus u have no power it never happen to me again .. One time it got so bad I felt like something was surffercating me , I hope this Can help u ,

i don't suppose your grandmother's house has a pyramid shape on top of it, does it?

I've never heard of sleep paralysis. I hope it goes away soon. Maybe keep reading Bible passages that you feel led to read and see if you get any insight as to what may be going on with you. Is sleep paralysis an actual condition? Have you checked with a doctor to make sure it isn't a symptom of anything else and that it's not dangerous to you? God bless.