Sleep Paralysis . . But I Moved?

so i had taken sudafed for my cold, and had went to sleep on the couch. i dont know what time it was when i woke up but i remember being awake but unable to move i must have lain there for a few min before i tryed to scream. my mouth could move but nothing else. i was terrifyed. i then saw my moter go into the kitchen so i tryed to scream again. fail. i heard the ice machine turn on as she got a drink then she walked down the hall to her room i then tryed to get up and did ! i crawled down the hall pounded on my mothers door and opend it crying. then i woke up on the couch again unparalized and ran to my mothers room .. is this sleep paralysis or what the hell just happend to me i know i was awake . i asked my mother if she had gone into the kitchen and she said no. im freaked out by the whole situation please give me some advise as to what had happend to me.

rillo rillo
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Sleep paralysis is interesting. Basically, your mind is awake while your body is still sleeping. Even though it seems scary, it's perfectly natural and safe. Because the mind is awake, you are susceptible to imagine things that seem real. If you stay calm and relax you will be fine. Fear leads you to imagine scary things, and, because people become frightened by the experience, they usually associate sleep paralysis with something to stay away from. You may also experience vibrations or flashing lights. This is also perfectly fine. Sleep paralysis can lead to Out of Body Experiences (Also called Etheric/Astral Projection). It's an incredible phenomenon. If you want to know more I suggest looking up Out of Body Experiences/Astral Projection. You can also message me, I'd be more than happy to explain things a bit more in depth. =)

this same thing has happened to me many many times. I will feel like I am awake but I can't move or talk. I try to scream and scream and it is very scary. Then all of a sudden I wake up and I am just laying in bed. There have been times where I think I get up and go upstairs to wake up my mom but then I wake up and realize I was dreaming.