One Especially...

And he never responds to my comments. I guess because I'm much older than he is, but some young guys underestimate how sexy a mature woman is, and how much I'd teach him if I could get my hands on him...lucky for me he lives many states away...I'm committed to my partner, and he would be waaaaay too much temptation for me to handle anyway.
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oh this`was 3 yrs ago..i bet you're different now

Yes. Not interested in youngins' AT ALL, but I think your comment was sarcastic. Lol!

no,it wasn' because I saw yr new writings n when I came to this one,I was quite suprised, it's like a different version of you..

Yes. I was truly finding myself then, & going a bit wild in the process.

You're still wild..and don't change need someone to run with..

I appreciate that you read my stories & that you took the time out to see who I am. Xoxoxoxo

yeah,every single of

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Damn id love to be him

Oh well...that was then.. Enjoyed reading my own story. I no longer crave young men, prefer sexy 40-50s.:) Glad I'm over that phase.

No love for us older guys? 😊

Prefer close to my age now...

Fabulous sweetie

Touche the thought of ******* for hours is such a buzz lol the cleavage shot is so darn great by the way would love to be added cheers.

geez how so flattering

omg if only i had a very seductive encounter with an older women in the past and i must say she taught me how to be a man hmmmmm if only i could relive that moment lol

I wouldn't want to do much teaching to be honest. Maybe the way I receive him would teach him? Idk.Would just want him to **** the hell out of me for hours. Can't beat that young boy stamina! Lol.

Well I think he's crazy. I can't believe how some guys are so lucky thay can afford to totally ignore women when others of us would relish the chance to correspond with them. I guess some lucky guys are just spoilt for choice, a concept that sadly i am unfamiliar with!

I think that's true of women as well. Some women get tons of male attention, while others are begging for it. Life seems unbalanced quite often...and I'm moreso speaking of out in the world...

Sometimes a strong fantasy has to stay a fantasy, the repercusions just wouldn't fit it

Yes. I strongly believe that. There's one recurring fantasy I have, that if I make it happen, which I can, it'll destroy my integrity & I may be changed forever which I can't risk, so it will remain a fantasy.