I Get Them Frequently, But This One I Do Not Quite Understand....

I get them frequently, but this one I do not quite understand....

I had one one Monday, and I can't understand it...

When my Aunt came over, we (four of us) prayed for each other.  When she was praying my chest felt so heavy that it felt quite hard to breathe.  I am not sure if I was sharing her burdens, or what......but it happened.

Any ideas on why?

Yohanna Yohanna
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Maybe you are taking others burdens but i dont think this was gods plan. When you are praying or maybe even in the morning when you get up, protect yourself.<br />
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Visualise pure white light pouring into your head and through your body and when its glowing with light, visualise the light turning into a bubble that surrounds you. You will be protected then and give thanks. Good luck!!

I feel that same pressure when I am being urged by the Holy Spirit to take action on something, either to speak a word of knowledge from the Lord, or to pray. You are more than likely a sensitive person who feels others burdens, this is a gift God has given you! Lift them up to Him!

From the God of Jesus Christ aspect, yes you can feel other people's burdens. You just keep praying until that sense is gone. Sometimes it can be a small demon trying to distract you and keep you from praying, that's another reason to keep praying. Also plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, that always helps.<br />
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Hi, I believe some of us are called to do special work & this may be a Path that you may find rewarding. All of Creation is made of Energy as we too. Seems you may be able to take negative energy from others but you need to learn to ground this energy so it doesn't do negative things to your system. Use Visualization as you pray & see that energy you are feeling & send it into the Blessed Earth to transmute that negative energy. Heard of Hands on Healing or Reiki? Pray for clarity of your Path, not what YOU want but what CREATION feels is the best Path for the Greater good of ALL. Just my thoughts so there ya go. Blessings/Love/Peace