Softball Camp Secret

Every summer for the last four summers i have gone to softball camp, its one week in the summer where other players can meet and compete in tournaments.
In my Sophomore year in High School, it was also my second year at camp.. this year a Brought my friend Keri who i have know for 2 years now and we have messed around before, she likes other girls too, probably why we have been good friends.
the ride on the bus from the High School to the camp location was a loud bumpy ride, and I so remember it from last yr.
no one wanted to ride in the back cause it was the noisiest.
But that means more room to sit, so i just put on my headphones and listened to my radio.
Keri and I met the girl Keigan and she was a freshman and we kind of took her in since I have been there and know what camp is like. though all Keigan talked about was her boyfriend, how she is going to miss him, how he is everything, Keri and i just looked at each other.
through the week it seems she never stopped talking about him..sometimes Keri and I would just lose her and go off together, sometimes just to get away, sometimes to mess around, Keigan seemed to be clueless on what we did together even if we were in the same tent, Keri and i would mess around when Keigan was sleeping.
I even got wet listening to her sleep, sounded like she was dreaming of her boyfriend and moving under covers like she was enjoying herself, which made me hot and i would nudge Keri and we would listen and start fingering our selfs or going in each others shirts playing with each others boobs.
We never said anything to Keigan cause we hoped she would have her dreams every night while there.
The week ended and everyone was tired and wanted to get home, but back on that noisy bus and long ride home, but this ride was at night, so we can all sleep.
Keri and I took our usual seat in the back, Keigan sat across from us int e next row, having the seat to herself.
with the noisy bus and it being night, we knew no one would her Keri and i messing around in the back and could'nt see us, and the thought of doing that with people so close was such a turn on.
first it was mostly kissing, feeling up and then we got more into fingering, my shorts untied, Keris unbuttoned our hands in each others shorts while kissing more and more.
we didnt think about Keigan sitting in the same row but on the other side of the walkway, i looked over and Keigan was actually watching us, her one hand down her in her shorts, fingering herself with one hand, her other hand lifting her sweatshirt touching her boob, playing with her nipple as if she was following what we were doing.
which made us even more horny, watching her and her watching us, we reached for her across to our seat and pulled her across our laps and we started touching her body, pulling up her sweatshirt touching her boobs, my hand touching inside her shorts, feeling her wetness..seeing her and Keri Kissing and Keris pulling her sweatshirt up touching her boobs and no one even can tell, though we hope they didnt,
when we were getting close to the school where we started from, we asked Keigan about her boyfriend and how that was all sh talked about and i mentioned how we heard her dreaming and making noises and moving around under her covers. and she said she was thinking of us not him, she heard us the first night and made her so horny and she was talking so much about her boyfriend, so that we wouldnt know that she heard us the very first night.
Though Keigan still has her boyfriend we still mess around with her once in awhile, though not telling anyone, its our little softball camp secret
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The softball team was one of my first girl experiences. ;)

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Sounds like a great trip, to bad you two did not find out about Keigan's thoughts till the way back. Still sounds like you know how to have great extracurricular activities during camp.<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

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