I have had a surgery 2 days ago to seborheic cyst i had in my back and i had also a boil behind my hip all was going all right when they had finished with the seborheic cyst in my back they didn't want to open the boil no they said this is not for i start shouting open it,open it i'm telling they did it...and after they told my they were no pus in it and i told them i know this, it has something in it like water...and every time i sit it opens and i have this problem about two months as i have already told them repeatedly....and i was right because this is the third day today and the swelling have started to subside.
If the doctors heart me before 5 months when i told them to open it...i wouldn't have damaged my chair and stained all my clothes and my sheets and doing every day hot compress with essential oils and epsom salt.
As my homeopath doctor say about...the patient know his problem and never the doctor.
The doctor must learn to listen.
blackweirdcat blackweirdcat 46-50, F Aug 30, 2013

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