I Am Not Immune...

I had them four times by the age of 15.  Full-blown, need to die, can't stop itching.  3 times as an adult.  Hospitalized for those.  They call it 'scales', and it is HORRIBLE!  I don't suggest anyone ever have them!
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They are the worst ,chicken pox i can do without and shingles need to stay on the roof!

Thats mental!! Ive had them twice, once as a child and again when I was 19! Got the fright of my life and will never forget looking in the mirror to a sea a sea of spots!! Thought the doctor was j/king when he told me!!.<br />
Shingles are a mutated form of chicken pox which older people and adults really need to be careful of getting. <br />
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So stay away from the grandkids when they have them!!

wow that sucks, I've never had them.

I guess you are more likely to get shingels later in life when you get them more than once. I still freak out when someone says they have them and i haven't gotten them again.

I only had them once. Ant they say it is very unlikely you get them again. Almost never happens.