Wow what a freggin bad week, I dont want to rant......okay yes I do really bad infact. The beging of the week started out very promising bought a new car (well at least new to me) kids are healthy happy, my relashionships with friends and family were fine (at least I thought they were little did I know the pot wasa brewing) So here comes good old tuesday, car in the shop, needs $2500 for a new transmission! Okay well I will get through it and just return the car, tuesday afternoon kids start throwing up.....okay well we will get through that too. Thursday: sister hates me and blames me for everything that is wrong in her life....Friday: best friend REALLY hates me for everything that is wrong in her life. And all the while the kids and now husband is throwing up. Sometimes it feels like the earth is off balance....like the ride cant get back on track once it has been thrown off that is what my life feels like right now in this moment.

Sunday: Sister,friend still very much dislike me....

Kids are feeling better, got my money back from the lemon.

really hoping this week will be better.

p.s thank you for the rant ;)

chelseaf83 chelseaf83
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

That wasn't really that bad, its flu season so your going to get sick. Are you all healthy eaters and wash your hands religiously? As for friends, they probably going through some rough time and you were just the wrong person at the right time who walk right into it. Give them time. For the car, oh well at least you got your momey back. No one DIED so there is no funeral on the weekend for you to attend. Everyone is still alive so there is hope. If not there are 6 billion people on Earth you still could talk too.