Thoughts On Gods And Other Foolish Thoughts

I believe that the gods might just be a product of human energy. The longer humans occupy an area, the more energy is provided to these beings.  Perhaps they are what is left after people die, an accumulation of conciousness and energy. 

I believe that there are many gods and that YHWH/Elohim is just the most recently successful one.  I also suspect there is little difference between gods and demons except that "anyone else's gods are demons".

Altars (and churches) fix the god's power to the earth and this is why christians, muslims and jews were told to destroy pagan altars and idols and replace them with their own. This way YHWH was able to grow and extend his power world wide.  He was able to take away the power of the other gods and starve them out.

I think that local gods lost power, were forgotten or pushed aside. They still survived and are available to those who would seek them out. They just tend to be less interested in human affairs. (Although even YHWH seems to be focused away for the individual and torn between his various followers, Muslin, Christian and Jew.)

US gods are all amerind gods or imported gods. It is hard for a person of european decent to convince the indigenous gods that you have their best interest at heart. It is hard to communicate.  They are alien in many ways to the my Celtic genes and the gods of my ancestors.

I think YHWH also spread his power thru war and conflict.  No one prays harder than when their life is on the line.  Every soldiers prays and so do their wives and families.  War frenzy keeps the prayer fires burning.  YHWH feeds on worship.  It is almost the only thing he requires of his followers.  Worship and obedience.  Scary god that one.

I believe in all the gods. I beleive that if people worship a god then it exists. I beleive the only way to destroy a god is to eliminate all it's followers. If a god does not exist when people start to worship it, then I believe it comes into existance or some undefined spirit assumes the role.
Christianity and Islam have worked very hard to anniliate these gods by killing off their worshipers. I believe JHWH/Elohim and Allah are the same god and that he wants to have a monopoly here on earth. Worship me or die!

Makes you wonder about the gods when the above might be a viable explanation of reality ....and not just the beliefs and ramblings of a fool.

Now here is an unexpected consequence:

About 15 years ago my life was not going well.  My love had left me, divorce, living in my motor home.  I cast a circle in a clearing in the woods, called upon the goddess and the gods and asked for "someone who I could love who would love me back."  Within a week I met a woman who seemed to be all I could ask for, a dream come true.  Then that turned out to be a harsh reality.  I thought "clearly the goddess and gods do not answer".  

8 months later my son was born.  He is someone I can love who loves me back.  I was not given what I thought I wanted but I did recieve what I needed.

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There are times I have thought the very same things about the gods. Usually what I believe about them is that there are gods that don't depend on our worship, consciousness, or energy to exist, but they go by many names in many different cultures and are universal archetypes. In other words, all gods of love are the same god of love(and goddesses) and all gods and goddesses of war are the same god or goddess, and it goes on for other gods. And at the source, all gods and goddesses are one essence. But I do think that the energies humans give to them or the way they are perceived influences the way they manifest to us and communicate with us, and they basically try to bridge the gap. <br />
Also, fascinating story, I would've loved to be a part of that bonfire!

That's interesting. My Bf is a christian. ( his daddy was a preacher ) I am an agnostic with strong atheist tendancies. My BF has been put through the ringer by a few women. He also prayed for a woman who would simply love him back. He got atheist me LOL I not just an atheist, I am writing a book to discredit the mainstream interpretation of the bible and God. I'm not quite what he bargained for ;o)

I was in Germany in 1974. The Germans participate in many pagan celebrations even though they profess, and believe, that they are good catholic or Lutherans. There is no apparent conflict with sharing you spouse with strangers during Fasching and going to church on Sunday. Fasching before Lent is like carnival, May day is a euphimism for Beltaine, Wittagsnacht, teh equilivilant of Saturnalia and many more. They wouldn't talk about it. I was not part of their world. These are people who have been in the same place, lived with the same families for thousands of years. Their houses have bits of the homes before built into the. "This is the part of the house that was knocked down during WW2, the 100 year war here, Nepolian there". Even though I lived in their villiage I was an outsider. I barely spoke their language, knew only a little about their customs. I began to suspect there was more. It even seemed sinister. One night I followed the "witchfires" to the top of a hill. There were men and women dancing around the fire. Other fires on other mountain tops were visible. it was ike they were on every mountaintop in the world. I watched and was facinated. One of those moments when you feel you are intruding and should leave and when you are so facinated you cannot. Someone saw me, voices spoke in what seemed to be alarm, but I was quickly approached and pulled toward the fire. They made me the Man in Black and I joined in the celebration with abandon. It was truely surreal and wonderful. <br />
I never saw any of them again even though I returned to that hill and nearby villiage several times. <br />
That is what started me on my path. I knew that theirs was not mine and I must find my own way. The search goes on.