I'm That Guy

In the Army, I was the "zipperhead", the "doper", the "REMF", the guy that was just waiting to get out-FTA! Those of you who have been there know what I am taking about. I did many functions but none of them combat arms. I took your laundry, issued uniforms, weapons and ammo. I gave you your shots and an APC. I gave you orientation lectures and listened to you when you were in trouble. Sometimes I issued out basketballs.

I played the game, kept as low a profile as possible, had a few close friends and that was enough.

Often I was with you. You often saw me and sometimes called me "Doc" or "specialist", "buddy" or "sarge". Sometimes I helped you, sometimes I just made your life more difficult. Much of the time I was just there...watching.

Occasionally I got shot at too. Accidents and just bad luck are also the chance we all take when you join the Big Green Machine. Occasionally you watched me bleed.

I put in time and did what I had too. I followed their orders and if I never smiled, well that never bothered anyone, now did it? You never knew me, you never cared to. I adapted, I survived.

My life was molded by these experiences. They trained me in many ways. ironicly, I started thinking for myself in that enviornment where thinking was all done for me.
Leporid Leporid
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Thanks for the comment and you are welcome.

First, it matters not to me what you did...but that you did it. Thank you.<br />
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But you are correct, in an inviroment that does the thinking for you, you can learn to think for yourself. What a paradox.