Falling For A Girl

Once while I was in San Antonio at a school while in the Army I met this tiny firecracker of a woman. She was around 5 ft tall but never admitted her real height. I am 6'1" so she was small to me and proportional, probably 90 lbs or so. She was like an elf, but was more of an Imp in behavior. I wanted her in the worst way.

I pestered her a bit and she finally said she would go out with me if I jumped out of a plane with her. ......"Whaaaat" says I in my best comeback, "are you kidding me?' She wasn't. Things went quickly out of control. Within minutes of saying "OK, sure" we were on the way to the airport, she knew all the guys well as she jumped regularly and they took my money, whisked me thru the class, "Jump off this box, bend your knees, and roll as you land", and onto the plane. Up we went.

So there I am with one foot on the strut of a Cessna 180 at 3000 ft holding on to the door and strut with my hands, last one to go out. Wind blowing on me like a hurricane and the guy inside telling me to let go of the only thing that was keeping me from falling to the earth below. Suddenly that girl did not seem worth all this and I decided to make a retreat back into the safety of the plane. Call me a coward if you must just LET ME BASK INSIDE!

Turns out it was easier to get out then in, I slipped and fell, screaming like a little girl, off into the nothingness.

There was a lanyard tied to my chute from the plane and it opened within a second or so. Seems like much longer, but tumbling thru space always does that to me. Not having used a chute before and unfamiliar with the straps that go thru my legs, I had neglected to cinch them up enough and my girlish scream change in pitch when the chute opened yanking me out of my tumble and yanking both straps up hard between my legs where I keep some things that are important to me. "EeeeeeeeeAaaahhhhhgggg!"

The 20 or so seconds of hanging suspended in the air, with a tremendous view and the wind blowing past was almost magical. Even though I was still fighting not to throw up. Or maybe it was just the adrenaline fading out of my bloodstream. I could breath, well almost, and see the others landing, and then suddenly I realized I had to do some things or the trip was just going to get all bad again. I managed to pull and move where I needed, prepared to land and did my best imitation of a Parachute Landing Fall except with my face. I took off the shoot, walked to my car and left.

I never talked to that girl again.
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wow!<br />
i loved that story so romantic and mishuga ;) <br />
we need more of this kind of fire in life!!!<br />
*hugs* K.

Im kinda new on here. Just browsing. Anyway..i've been really REALLY down..and reading this accually made me crack a smile and laugh a little inside. Felt nice. Sorry you had to go through that though. Unless you "learned" something from it.

lol!! That is so, so cool and awesome!! omg I want to do that!

Men do many things for women.

And many men think they should get laid if they take a girl out to dinner....evn I think you should've gotten laid for this one ! LOL

that cracked me up!