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My Cp And Crutches

I'm new to writing stories and not really sure if anyone will be interested. I was born with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. It took me longer than most kids, but eventually I learnt to walk. My problem is that I don't have proper control of my legs. When I'm standing still you cant really see that I have any problem but as soon as I start walking it gives the game away. My legs twist inwards from the hips and my feet twist inwards as well. I have to throw my legs forward and get really embarrassed at how I look when I walk. I feel as if everybody is looking at me and got teased all the way through school. To help me get along I use forearm crutches when I'm out and about. I'd like to hear from anyone else out there who has learnt to cope with cerebral palsy. Thanks
steffylegs steffylegs 26-30, F 3 Responses May 25, 2012

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Relax steffy...don't care about what other people is yourself and live your will be better for you...believe that you are born to achieve...stay calm and rock yourself...

hi my name is Gabe i also have cerebral palsy diplegia which affects only my legs, I also use forearm crutches, but when i'm home i can walk without them, somedays I wish i did not have cerebral palsy but no biggy, I am wondering not to be rude but is it hard for you with your cp to get dressed or use the bathroom, because when i was in school it was hard for me sometimes to use the bathroom with my crutches like they would fall down and stuff? I look forward to hearing from you thanks.

Hi Steffy...I'm a polio survivor and wear KAFO braces and use crutches to walk. My disability is much different than cerebral palsy but our experiences are similar. Like you, I'm a "lifer" in the sense I've been disabled almost since birth. I had polio as a one-year old; about the time I should have been a toddler. I eventually learned to walk with braces and crutches, and I'm still using them almost sixty years later. We walk differently but our school experiences were probably about the same. And, like you, I've been embarrassed at times by my disability and all my "gear". But, what I can say, from a life time of experience - and I'm sure you'll have the same experience - you do gain confidence in yourself and your abilities, and coping/adapting does become easier. Acceptance also comes easier. Feel free to message me if you wish. I may be slow to respond, but I will :-) Nan