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My Cp And Crutches

I'm new to writing stories and not really sure if anyone will be interested. I was born with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. It took me longer than most kids, but eventually I learnt to walk. My problem is that I don't have proper control of my legs. When I'm standing still you cant really see that I have any problem but as soon as I start walking it gives the game away. My legs twist inwards from the hips and my feet twist inwards as well. I have to throw my legs forward and get really embarrassed at how I look when I walk. I feel as if everybody is looking at me and got teased all the way through school. To help me get along I use forearm crutches when I'm out and about. I'd like to hear from anyone else out there who has learnt to cope with cerebral palsy. Thanks
steffylegs steffylegs 26-30, F May 25, 2012

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