The last two stories I have posted have been flagged/deleted.....whatever!  What the hell, EP?

I have support and demand answers! The last post I made did not name anyone, or break any of your rules. So, why were they banned, flagged, deleted?!

Do you really want to lose members who actually give a **** about this place? Please explain and tell me why. I have copies of my last two stories. So, don't think it will go away. 

A member here told me that a certain other member who is in question is a friend of the staff and told me not to continue posting. Why is she more valuable than I? Explain it! You are not the ******* CIA, NSA, MI6, or anything of the like. Tell me and us what the **** I'm posting that you soooo desperately need to censor. 
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there is so much garbge here that they need to pay attention to and delete instead of picking on you. why not give that attention to stories of twisted hoes that want to be raped repeatedly or adult men who like girls between the ages of 6-16? get your priorities in order, ep!

I do. But then I fear loss of brain cells. So, I stop myself.

Don't you ever wonder what little conversations go on in the EP kitchenette, while they wait for their lunch to be nuked?

And yeah. Eric, they did this to me too a few years back. They deleted a post that didn't break any rules because they wanted to smack me on the hand for rallying too many people over to complain about how the situation was being handled. Fact is, I didn't rally anyone. They went on their own accord because they all saw it happen and said what happened was wrong. We tried to take the community back, follow the rules and we get slapped on the hands for saying something about it. Ha!

God. Why can't they delete the posts from the real problem members, the molesters, and a-hole spammers. They just generically respond with "It's illegal" No **** EP so do something about it instead of ignoring it!<br />
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They can censor this, they always deleted on their emotions, not their rules. There. I said it.

It's total bullshit, and even worse because EP hasn't even got the balls to openly post any kind of retort.<br />
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It's like they honestly want this to become troll land :/

It was nothing illegal or anything sick, Emerald. <br />
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You obviously do not know me to even consider that as a possibility. <br />
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It was a simple venting of goings on around the Experience Project.

What was the content of your other stories about? Based on what grounds did they delete the story? I see alot of stories that I "feel" should be deleted. But that's not fairness to freedom of ex<x>pression, idea, and speech. And EP shouldn't base that on someone else's "feelings" either. NOw, writing about something totally illegal ... like confessing to molesting their own kid, and liking it.... yeah, I want that GONE! And I've only seen that kind of writing once. SO I'm curious to know your offense to cause this. I wish EP would give response!

Eric, I take it the original version of THIS story was deleted? I commented previously and my comment has vanished!


my 16 friends are aware of the issues from my pm.<br />
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come ep, what more do you have???

i have called ep out in a pm where I named the party who is rumoured to have this privilege. they have not answered.<br />
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I call it institutionalised corruption. EP has not responded except to delete your story.<br />
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this action reminds me of our old apartheid government, the Gestapo, or the US episode where they branded everyone who disagreed with them as "communists"<br />
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They use heavy handed attacks to shout and shut you down.<br />
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EP staff, you should be ashamed of your behaviour. <br />
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Hell Yeah!