The last two stories I have posted have been flagged/deleted.....whatever!  What the hell, EP?

I have support and demand answers! The last post I made did not name anyone, or break any of your rules. So, why were they banned, flagged, deleted?!

Do you really want to lose members who actually give a **** about this place? Please explain and tell me why. I have copies of my last two stories. So, don't think it will go away. 

A member here told me that a certain other member who is in question is a friend of the staff and told me not to continue posting. Why is she more valuable than I? Explain it! You are not the ******* CIA, NSA, MI6, or anything of the like. Tell me and us what the **** I'm posting that you soooo desperately need to censor. 
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I don't have a ******* clue! I got my whole ******* account deleted by EP and I have no idea why. The guys I was warning to tone their stuff down were "pervy"! I wasn't being pervy in the least! I was just trying to work out some stuff on EP. I had worked it out, expressed my point of view, which may be taken to be unusual, but wasn't pervy, and certainly nowhere near as pervy as a lot of the bullshit that regularly gets posted on EP that somehow ******* passes for normal. So I don't know which ******* giant *** hare got up their ******* rectums that they had to delete my account. I'll just say here and now, if they delete my ******* account again just for saying this **** right here, I will come back back again and again and again. I will switch IP addresses and ISfuckingPs if I have to. BECAUSE I DID NOT and I DO NOT INTEND ON DOING ANYTHING WRONG you ******* NAZIASS GESTAPO *******!!!! KISS MY MOTHER ******* ***** SUCKING **** SPEWING *** ******* IDIOT EP ADMINS WHO DELETED ME!!!! (Can you guys tell I'm just a tiny bit ticked! LOL!)

just a little bit :)

splitgirrl: you are out of line making that comment. I have never written anything "perv" like on this site.

i've written a few stories with a certain person in mind. they'll probably be next to be deleted. big high five to all of you :)

So my reasonably constructed and non-confrontational reply was deleted also? Damned by association and I most certainly ob<x>ject to that. Eric, just one thing to do here; crusade. I will add you to my circle. This is about freedom of speech on a site which encourages freedom of ex<x>pression!

i guess people that have the inside track with ep staff have a lot of power. you're right, no one should be more valuable than the next person on here. i cannot stand that kind of blatant favortism.