Bottomless Does Work

After a good thorough bare bottom spanking session. I have the woman sit bottomless on a wooden kitchen chair and face the wall.

Being bottomless for a while also becomes very embarrassing which adds to the sore bottom. Having others see the sore red bottom and any emotion which can be added comes in handy and is remember-able so that next time.............
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4 Responses May 17, 2013

Yes it is
Good for humiliation and my HOH does this to humble me !

Oh yes pleeeease! I love it when my boyfriend makes me sit on the kitchen chair after a good spanking. It reminds me of how naughty I've been and how wonderful his spanking was

Is this something that is not optional? Do you do this with every spankee?

I'm curious.


No, everything such as sitting like this depends upon what punishment is needed. It depends upon how advanced the woman is in being punished.

Oh, I see.

Thanks for your informative answer!


I had to stand in the corner with my pants down holding the paddle behind my back with both hands. My nose had to be in the corner too. I was allowed to fidget, but my nose had to stay in the corner. Sometimes she would still sit there and talk to me, but it was nose to the corner until she said different.