I was lying on my bed looking at a **** magazine and ************ when suddenly the door opened and my girlfriend came in. I tried to hide the magazine but of course my erection was telling it all. She told me to getup slapped my erect penis with her hand, sAt down on a chair pulled me over her knees held my erect penis between her legs and started to give my bare *** a solid hand spanking.
I somehow liked it although it was hurting , mind you we were both about 27years old but we both discovered the thrills of role play, spanking etc one night when We we were cuddling in bed and she started to use a vibrator on her **** and than inserted it into her dripping wet ***** while I kneeled over her and licked her ****. Suddenly she pulled out the vibrator moved behind me and inserted it slowly into my ***....at first I squeezed my buttocks together but she spanked my *** and ordered me to let go and give up my resistance...it did not take long and I had an incredible ******..
About a week later she repeated to **** me with a strap on and it became a regular part of our love making.
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Thanks for sharing To each his own. Jim

She should have taught you with a belt -- it's qute effecteve when we misbehave or disobey our gfs/wives.