Over the Fence and Through the Woods

I was out at a party one night, fairly drunk and having a good time for the most part except that I was fighting with an exboyfriend. He was complaining about how I treated his friends like crap and blah blah blah when I noticed that this white car had just pulled up. Now we were outside with no lights or anything except for a distant porch light but it was just enough to catch a glare on the spotlight mounted on this white unmarked crown vic. In the middle of a sentence I dropped the roll of toilet paper I was holding (I had been answering nature's call when he started his rant) and just ran. I wasn't the only one either. About 3/4 of the crowd began running towards the woods. Lucky for me I am not the fastest and got to see others trip over the barb wired fence before me and avoided the same fate. I didn't however avoid running headfirst into a tree or two. I ended up in a group of about 6 people just deep enough in the woods that the police officers spotlights didn't shine on us. The cops were yelling "Come out of the woods" like we were gonna just say 'okay you convinced me now' and turn ourselves in! So we ran some more and ended up in the field next the road. Long story short. I collapse in the field for sure that I'm going to be caught. Waiting for it. It never happens. Turns out, the cops never even crossed the fence after any of us who "escaped". So for my troubles of continuing to run I got another knot on my head (another tree collision) ripped shirt (thorn bush) and ruined jeans (collapsing in the muddy field).
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2007

sounds just like a party from my high school years - including the toilet paper. ... <br />

So let me get this straight - you were at a party, in a wood, with a toilet roll, relieving yourself. I am more shocked about this than the run-in with the police.

There, there, as long as your safe. :p