So i decided to go car shopping this lovely night. i drove my car to a neighorhood that looked pretty dark parked, and started walking down the blocks looking for unlocked cars. then after about 10 minutes or so of walking, i went down a block with a school on it. i was walking in the street and i pulled the handles of 2 or 3 cars to see if they were unlocked and then as i was turning to go down a block that was to my left, i hear a car engine start in the parking lot of the school to my right. i was like oh ****, and i started running down the block. then after a couple of seconds i knew i wasnt gonna get away by running down this block so i ran into the closest driveway to my left and started hopping fences. after jumping 3 fences (not to mention cutting my hands on them) and running through a lawn, i was at the busy street that i origonally was driving down before i parked my car on a side street. i walked down the busy street north for about 5-10 mins then went back south to see if the police were still in the neighborhood where i parked my car (at this point i took my glasses and hoodie off so they wouldnt notice it was the same person if they saw me). with my ****** lucky, they were on the exact street that i parked my car on so i kept walking south and to a 24hour coffee shop that i go to sometimes. i got some coffee and then walked back and they were STILL there (and yet they didnt notice me walking perpendicular to the street they were on) and now they were searching the streets on foot with flash lights. i kept walking down random blocks back and forth away from where they were for about 10 or 20 mins and then went back and they were FINALLY gone.

bnig503 bnig503
Mar 1, 2010