Sharing Laughter And Silence

I would love to see a brain scan of my brain...weird I know but I often wonder just what it would reveal.

Life has forced me, at times soooo reluctantly, to move in directions I never could have in my wildest dream, anticipated.

Life has stretched me...toughened me some...expanded my weird sense of humor...made me see through a much wider and more tolerant lens.

For example last night I was at my usual seat at the local funky internet was open mike night, something I rarely miss. Some great blues was coming from the front room and i was quietly loving it in my somewhat hidden seat in the next room.

So while I scrolled through EP, the performance site changed...2 chairs were ploppped down in front of me...and 2 performers quickly started a loud rendition of "Proud Mary!"  as the audience moved into my computer room and some started dancing....I was trapped, the wall behind me and about 40 folks gyrating in front of I just started nodding my head to the beat and singing...hahaha

Imagine you are looking at a performer wailing away and directly behind them is this woman on a computer, looking mighty awkward. So I laughed...although I might prefer a more private venue, I loved the absurdness of this scene.

This morning we have a blizzard...I drove to a remote cafe to have coffee with the owner....he's the only person I know who, like me, loves to sit and watch the talking for an hour...just drinking coffee and watching the snow. It's sooo much richer to share this with someone.

It's funny cause now whereever I go I usually meet's not a conscious choice ...just seems to has forced me out of a more private nature...

In two weeks a woman I met last night is singing at her church social...she will be performing as Tina doubt "Proud Mary" will be part of the act....I can't wait to see her.

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Thanks Salar....I have a feeling you would enjoy it too. :)

Its not your brain the determine,s this but your heart you have a place in it for just about everyone ...<br />
<br />
nice story thanks for sharing .....

Thanks Fromnowon.....hahaha yep it was like I was part of the performances. :)<br />
The "Tina" lady has a great sense of style and humor...her show should be entertaining! :)

Thanks for all the good vibes Ladee! And the smiles and hugs...the same to you Ladee! Thanks :)

Elebaby, wrong story I think...but yes it is weird.

Wow. I had a weird dream last night. I went to this off house where a late neigbor lives. There were a line of people having an ****. I ran out of there tripping overa case of money. Sex &money? Weird.

Ladee you make me smile! and a big smile right back at you....thanks. :)

Ladee, what a beautiful avvie!...I will keep my eyes and ears open...and maybe the universe is pushing me a bit...we'll see...I'll let you know. Thanks for the kind thoughts Ladee. :D

Haha Jojewel, I had little choice...either "go with the flow" happily or was a no brainer. Thank you. :D

Frito, I looked up the ex<x>pression ''go with the flow'' and your picture popped up. This is a great story of doing just that.

So true Trailguide...the challenge for me is to enjoy...thanks! :)

Always expect the unexpected and enjoy, eh. Nice story, Frito :)

Hi Paco...thank you! :D

Another good heart warming story Frito :) thank you for sharing. <br />

Gryfnn I'm so sorry you've been sick...I always wonder when someone isn't here for a while if they are's great you're back...hope you feel much better soon!<br />
I know how fortunate I am to have this's such an open and welcoming place for everyone in town...all ages...all personalities and all walks of life.<br />
Now if the library only had good coffee...:)

Thank you for reminding me about the magic that exists just outside---I've been house bound with pneumonia for awhile---I'm slowly getting better---and am back to enjoying life....just before I came online, I was thinking how nice it would be if we had an internet cafe here.....maybe some day.. we do have access to the internet at the Library, which is a blessing.

Thanks Datura. :)

Love this story, Frito!

And who knew Nyxie that "going with it" could be so much fun! Thanks! :)

Great story, frito. And one that is a great lesson for all of us. Don't take stuff too seriously, least of all yourself. When all else fails, just go with it. That's wisdom, my friend.

Hahaha thanks guys!<br />
Tas, I would love for you to *see* is surreal...the best place I have found in many years. I have a friend in the Midwest who says there's a way I can stream the music live from my computer to hers...we'll see. :)<br />
Nancy...hahaha roll with me. :)<br />
When, I think it happens to us has to me too....welcome to the Internet Cafe. :)

I like how you roll, frito. :)

Hahahaa!!<br />
This just seems so amazing to me .., so surreal ..<br />
I would just LOVE to get a glimpse .<br />
Take some pics frito .. I just gotta see it!!