Gf Underwater.

My gf and I were house sitting for a friend of hers. The have a nice big pool in their backyard so we went in and after a while of swimming I was able to get my gf out of her suit and I took off mine. We started making out and she started getting me really hard and started stroking my ****. She told me she doesn't want to get caught and we should go inside. (Now I have always wanted to do her in a swimming pool so I was going to take advantage of the situation) I told her "No" and started fingering her and playing with her breast. She started moaning and told her she was going to give me head and started pushing her head down giving her a chance to get air. I pushed her under and watched her start giving me head. It felt amazing having her blow me in that situation seeing her bare *** at the top of the water with her mouth wrapped around my **** and being naked outside. I made her blow me twice holding her under for a minute each time. When I let her up the second time I walked her to the deep end where the water was under my chin and my gf is a foot shorter then me. So I turned her around to face away from me and pushed her whole body under the water and started ******* her doggie style. It was amazing seeing her under there while the bubbles released from her mouth while I kept thrusting into her hard. I slid my hands up her stomach and up to her breast and pulled her up to get some air with my **** still inside of her and her back against my chest. I kept ******* her and she asked me "What has gotten into you today?" I told her " I am just treating you like my **** today and using you how I want to." I turned her around to face me and said " I need to *** so I am holding you underwater until I *** right now." With that I pushed her back underwater and watched her face as I ****** her hard and watched the air bubbles escape her mouth. I think she was not use to me treating her like that since at about a minute I started seeing her start to have an ****** and started rubbing her breast, which she never will do for me. With that I decided I will just enjoy it and came deep inside of her, which caused her to *** again.
I let her get some air and she had this look on her face that she could not believe that I was treating her like that. She started getting her bathing suit on and I took it away from her and made her walk inside naked. I ended up using her 2 more times in her friends house once on the couch and once in her friends bed.
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Very hot story. Next time try it with both of you completely underwater. Very intense ******!!