Insecure Relationships

I had two women on EP falsely accusing me of harassing them by either trying to steal their online boyfriends or flirting with their online lovers.

Now I wondered why they began acting out as trolls because I sure as hell never even liked the guys in that way; I just added them to my circle of friends and made nothing of it when they fanned me... But that was before I realized they had sick online acquaintances...terribly immature and insecure women trailing behind them.

And I realized that these people or online weirdos are very insecure in their relationships not only with the men they think they are with but also within themselves.

I feel sorry for them that there is so little trust within their relationships; and also so little sense of self-worth thinking they are not good enough for their so called lovers...thinking they do not have enough power to keep a man spellbound and then because of their sick sense of low self-esteem lash out at others accusing other people of stealing their boyfriends etc.

I find it sad that their relationships are also WEAK; meaning they do not have any real relationship going on with their so called boyfriends when there is no trust in the relationship; when there is NO STRONG BOND between the two to really trust one another; to know their Love is always safe no matter if they might flirt with other people occasionally they would still not be bothered knowing that the flirting is not real Love only play; and after the flirting is done they go back into their true lover's arms always returning to them and never truly trailing off with another man/woman.

I just want to say thank you I guess to these petty immature women (brats) for teaching me how insecurity in yourself and Love can drive you crazy...
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 13, 2012