Crack Dearie?? No, I'm 7!

Ages back I went to this nearby park with some friends and one of our Mums. I will always remember how we were having a nice picnic when this crazy lady comes up to us and asks for some crack - no jokes. So we get up, and move further down the park. A few minutes later, she's back asking for some crack. One of us sort of edges away and the lady (this girl was around 7 and one of the eldest of us) goes to her ' Do you have some crack,dearie?'. In the end we left the park, but, whenever we do go there, someone has to mention the mad lady. I think we'll never get over it, and, looking back we always collapse into laughs when thinking about it. Infact, me and Julie (the adult) were laughing at the time (along with others).

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
Oct 26, 2007