One night I went to my friend's house.  I hadn't visited him in a long time and didn't know how scary his apartment complex had gotten.  I get out of my car about fifty feet or so from his door and it's just about pitch black out there... one little security light on in the entire parking lot.  It was creepy but I didn't think anything would happen... I'm right there at his house for crying out loud, about to walk inside.  About fifteen feet from his door and out of nowhere this black dude in a leather jacket and a medium size afro puff pops out between two cars and gets between me and where I want to go.  I was scared shitless and thought I was going to get mugged.  He says "Hey white lady, you want some Vike-O-DINE?"  "You mean, Vicodin?"  "Yeah, Vike-O-Dine, you want some?"  Oh, ****  I better pretend I'm a crackhead or I'm going to get robbed for sure.  I said "No, I'm broke right now, maybe my friend might buy some for me later.  See you around."  "Alright, white lady, I'll see you later."  And I went and knocked real loud on the door.  I tried the knob and it was actually unlocked.  I couldn't believe his stupidity and my good fortune and went right inside.  My friend was like WTF but then I told him about Vike-O-Dine and he laughed his *** off.  I didn't think it was too damn funny though. 

spelunker spelunker
26-30, F
Feb 20, 2010