All In The Hand Predictions

I was in the local (supermarket) 7 years ago, minding my own business when a cashier serving me suddenly grabbed my hand, which I found very surprising. Instead of pulling my hand free I stood there, somewhat taken aback by this mild physical assault. The cashier apologised and explained that he grew up reading fortunes. He had never stopped anyone before but he noticed something about the lines in my hand. He warned me that bad times lay ahead and to prepare for that.

After that I became ill for a number of years. It was thought that someone (within my family) had cast some spell or magic on me out of jealousy. One day I met a priest and asked him about my condition, he was not clear but he told me that the omens were not good. I ignored his words and was determined to carry on as normal. But the illness was never ending. Doctors had diagnosed a problem with my stomach but I had other problems. Fatigue, headaches, nausea and so on. None of the symptoms related to my stomach. Despite this, I continue my studies.

One day, I met a girl and for a while I started to feel a lot better, it appeared that as if my luck was changing and I was learning to live with the condition. It dawned on me that the idea that I was cursed was absurd and a distant memory.

Of course good things don’t always last.

Life at home was becoming difficult still manageable but the past was resurfacing. I met a palm reader one day and he read my hand and told me that he was saddened to reveal a problem with my relationship line. I have never taken a strong interest in any of that maybe it’s more of a science than anything else.
Neuromoth Neuromoth
22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013