How Long Did It Take? Lol

 I have been growing my hair for the past fifteen years. I had five inches cut off last year, and it has already grown back. I find it extremely feminine, and so sexy. I never realized how many men love long hair. I get some very nice compliments, but I've had some very sexual comments too. People always ask me if I am going to donate my hair...well, I am growing my hair for me and for my husband. I want to see if it will continue to grow down to my feet. It is something that I have thought about since I was a little girl. I had very short hair until I was about nine-teen when I started to let it grow out. I recently dyed it dark took three bottles to get it all. lol that's enough about my hair. :O)

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

have been growing my hair since my early teens x

I wud like to c ur hair pics ...if u got any? I really admire woman's long hair ...and doin some research on long hair @ the moment ... U can mail me ur pics at

Five inches in one year, WOW! That is fantastic.

I wish more women felt the same way you do about long hair. I know you will always have it long because you love it so much.


Knee length hair will definately attract a lot of attention. work's for me !!!

Beautiful, extra long hair is soooo sexy