Oh My!!!

Man oh man do I have the WORST knotted hair.....especially after well yeah you know what as well as just waking up after a nights sleep!

Goodness gracious, its like I took my brunette locks and just rubbed my head on the pillow for hours and hours to have the best looking matted loveliness you may have ever seen!

Now in my line of work, in the hospital, we see quite the beautiful version of bed head you have ever seen but mine is a close second to it! It must have to do with how thin and silky my hair is it just takes a second of laying in bed to put knots in this mane. When my hair is really, really long I just break out the scissors to cut it out! How bad is that?!!!!!!!


MegJgeM MegJgeM
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Lmao, Thats mental. Can you frendc braid it? x

Oh god if that helped I would do it more but when I did last night I swear it was worse!!! LMAO

Lol, Me to. That is why I allways sleep with my hair pulled back.x